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Lotus Heritage And Engineering Philosophy Is Deeply Etched In Europa S

February 27th, 2007

Stepping into a Lotus is not just about getting into the car, it is very much about entering an exclusive world of automotive experience and knowledge spanning over half a century.

Lotus' founder, Colin Chapman, had one ambition, to build the best sportscars in the world. His philosophy of "Performance through Lightweight" ensured he realised that dream.

This approach led to a series of groundbreaking technologies and innovations that ensured Lotus achieved a wealth of Formula One success including 79 Grand Prix victories and seven World Championships.

Drivers of the calibre of Senna, Fittipaldi, Clark, Hakkinen, Hill, Andretti, Rindt and Mansell, all benefited from the genius of Colin Chapman as it helped propel them to the forefront of the racing world.

To this day Lotus continues to use the same Chapman philosophy to lead the world in innovative design and outstanding performance.

The development of the Europa S, as with every Lotus, draws upon the deep, specialist engineering skills as well as the philosophy and heritage of the company.

Lotus engineers constantly strive to refine and further improve the product to deliver the best possible experience to the driver. This is engineering at its most pure and focussed.

Every aspect of the development process has been examined and optimised to ensure relevance and appropriate application. The end result is fine engineering delivering a superior product that is honed to meet the needs of a Lotus customer.

A good example of this approach is the extruded and bonded aluminium chassis. Lotus has won many awards for innovative techniques used in the construction of this chassis.

The extrusions that form the basis of the chassis produce an extremely rigid structure, essential for a vehicle with high cornering forces.

Designed to be as light as possible, it also offers excellent protection to the cabin occupants.

This technique is also used to construct modern aircraft to ensure structural integrity of the highest standards.

Lotus Vehicle Dynamics engineers are celebrated as being some of the best in the world. Many automotive companies consult with Lotus engineers for expert advice on all aspects of ride and handling for their own production vehicles.

This global recognition finds its way into the Europa S in the strongest form possible.

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