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Safety Systems Offer Peace Of Mind For Europa S Drivers And Passengers

February 27th, 2007

The key aspect to enjoyable driving is safety and in the case of the Europa S it has been a primary concern for designers and engineers in its development.

The Europa S chassis is very strong and stiff, creating a safety cell around which is clad light weight, energy-absorbing, composite crash structures and body panels.

The front crash structure is made from an advanced lightweight composite material, which is three to four times more energy-absorbing than the equivalent structure in steel.

Lotus engineers have focused on achieving state of the art safety features throughout the car. Coupled with driver and passenger airbags, the Europa S has impressive active and passive safety systems.

The lightweight of the Europa S is significant in reducing occupant injury. By being so light, there is less energy to dissipate in the event of a crash, when compared to a much heavier sportscar.

However, the best way to remain unhurt in an accident of course is to avoid the accident in the first place.

The Europa S, like all Lotus cars, has tenacious levels of grip, predictable, responsive handling, latest generation ABS-assisted braking systems, performance and almost peerless feedback to the driver about how the car is behaving in a variety of driving conditions.

The light weight of the Lotus Europa S contributes to its braking capability with Lotus/AP-Racing twin-piston fixed aluminium alloy brake calipers at the front and Brembo single-piston sliding calipers at the rear. The 282 mm diameter ventilated discs are linked to a servo-assisted, four-channel (ABS) System.

The engine is mounted to a lightweight and strong, galvanised steel sub frame. The lightweight steel wishbones are also mounted to this steel assembly.

The Lotus vehicle dynamics team were set a tough challenge to produce a ride and handling package for the Lotus Europa S that combines compliance and comfort with the legendary Lotus agility, responsiveness and handling.

Steve Swift, Head of Vehicle Engineering, says the relationship between ride and handling for the Lotus Europa S was a critical equation, which has also benefited the car’s safety credentials.

"The Europa S is a true Lotus concept and the ideal safe companion for a long journey home," said Steve Swift.

"We have created a car that offers not only scintillating performance but also peace of mind when driving, know the car is a safe and user friendly environment for both passenger and driver," he concluded.

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