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Preventing Grand Theft Autos - Nissan Leads the Way - (Australia)

July 8th, 2008

Nissan Australia is leading the way in combating vehicle theft by becoming one of the first manufacturers in the country to install high-tech, secure compliance labels across its vehicle range.

The new label, developed by Identitek Systems in Melbourne, will be fitted to each of the 60,000+ vehicles Nissan sells in Australia each year.

Inbuilt security features mean the label can’t be copied and can’t be transferred between vehicles or the information it contains be altered without easy detection. The label can be quickly verified in the field and stands up to harsh in-vehicle conditions.

The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC), Australia’s expert body on car crime, congratulated Nissan on being among the first volume vehicle manufacturers to adopt the secure compliance label.

Council Chairman David Morgan said the move was a major breakthrough in setting a new baseline in vehicle identification. The NMVTRC estimates the trade in reidentified stolen vehicles is worth tens of millions of dollars annually.

“There is no doubt that the traditionally poor standard of vehicle identification has played right into the hands of criminals by making it just too easy to convert a stolen vehicle into cash and making it almost impossible for authorities to later detect suspect vehicles with any certainty,” Mr Morgan said.

Nissan Australia CEO, Dan Thompson, said the company was focussed on delivering outstanding total customer experience, on being a leader in the community and on driving innovation in the automotive industry.

“This secure compliance label initiative ticks all three boxes at the same time,” he said.

“Whether it’s through inconvenience, replacement costs or higher insurance premiums, we all end up paying a price for vehicle theft. It’s important that vehicle manufacturers lead the way in addressing a major issue for our community.”

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