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Hummers Used in Melbourne to Curb Street Violence - (Australia)

September 10th, 2008

After a weekend of intoxicated violence that left a 24 year old Melbourne male on life support, Victoria Police are resorting to other methods to send their message.

Victoria Police have announced the 24 year old male has died. This has left the State Government and Victoria Police fuming after recent efforts to reduce street violence in Melbourne's CBD. The controversial 2am lockout proved to be ineffective; therefore Police Assistant Commissioner Gary Jamieson is hoping to introduce a new tactic to make a visual impact on the streets.

"The idea of going to Hummers is that it's about trying to measure visible impact. So we've got to try and introduce something which might look different to our current fleet of vehicles."

This violence occurred after a weekend taskforce of an additional 70 police officers patrolling the nightlife areas of Melbourne's CBD. "Instead of wasting money on Hummers, the Government should be putting 100 extra police officers on our streets" Liquor Licensees Melbourne vice-president, Andrew Sumpter states.

Mr. Jamieson has five Hummers planned for patrolling the streets of Melbourne in October.


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