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Conspiracy Theorists Rejoice - (Global)

August 18th, 2008

When the developers of the latest edition of Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy video game went looking for a fast and agile get-away car, they turned naturally enough to MINI.

In the first of the Bourne trilogy films, hero Jason Bourne and his co-star skate through Europe in an increasingly tatty-looking Classic MINI, eluding the bad guys and causing all sorts of motorised mayhem.

So it was a natural choice to electronically engineer the very latest R56 generation MINI Cooper S into the new video game, and thereby putting control of the cheekiest high-performance hot-shot into the hands of a world-wide audience of game players.

This most highly-anticipated of games with its MINI-mounted adrenalin-pumping chase sequences is now available in Australia for Microsoft’s Xbox® 360 and Sony Playstation® 3.

Based on Ludlum’s novels and the trilogy of blockbuster films, The Bourne Conspiracy video game allows players to take on the persona of superspy and trained assassin Jason Bourne and engage in a variety of adventures in espionage – from hand-to-hand combat, to dramatic evasions and escapes, to high-speed pursuit in a Chilli Red MINI Cooper S.

“The role of the MINI Cooper S in The Bourne Conspiracy game is a great fit for the MINI brand. As the featured vehicle and Bourne’s getaway car, this integration allows us to demonstrate the agility and performance that’s inherent in the full line of MINI vehicles,” said Kate Alini, MINI USA Marketing Communications Manager.

The Bourne Conspiracy game will be promoted on MINIUSA.COM with video clips, character bios and downloadable wallpaper images.

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