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Mogo Zoo Announces Fourth Litter of White Lion Cubs! - (UK)

May 9th, 2008


- White lion breeding program sponsored by Peugeot

Mogo Zoo has recently unveiled its fourth litter of white lion cubs, bringing the total white lion population at Mogo to an astounding sixteen!

Born on 22nd January 2008, the playful four are part of the Zoo’s successful white lion program, which has produced thirteen offspring since its inception in July 2006. Mogo Zoo is currently the only zoo in Australia to exhibit this threatened species.

For Sally Padey, owner and director of Mogo Zoo, Peugeot’s support in the form of a three-year sponsorship has provided the Zoo with the freedom to further develop its white lion program. “Peugeot’s invaluable commitment to Mogo Zoo’s pride has allowed us to honour our pledge to do what is necessary to ensure the survival of this threatened species”, commented Sally.

The latest litter of four is a significant cause for celebration given that white lions have not been observed in the wild for over twelve years, and the global population consisted of a mere ten white lions in 1995. The lions, which are white due to a recessive gene called ‘leucism’, hold a magical place in African folklore and are rarer than the legendary snow leopards of the Himalayas.

The four cubs (2 female and 2 male), have been affectionately named ‘Lika’, ‘Apple’, ‘Tahba’ and ‘Makulu’.

An interactive experience with the cubs is available at Mogo Zoo for a limited period of time before their departure to the United Kingdom. (www.mogozoo.com.au)

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