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Proton Cars Helps Red Cross Boost Its Stocks

May 8th, 2007

Chipping Norton based car company, Proton Cars Australia, has adopted a proactive role to help the Red Cross Blood Service meet the constant demand for blood products by giving its employees a special incentive to donate blood.

Proton employees will receive a day off in lieu for every four blood donations made to the Red Cross each year.

The Proton employees will also receive transport to and from the Donor Centre each time they make the donation.

According to Proton Cars Australia managing director Mr John Startari the move is designed to give the company's employees an incentive to be regular donors and to help the Red Cross Blood Service meet the demand for blood.

Mr Startari has challenged other car companies to initiate similar programs to help boost Red Cross blood stocks.

"I feel it is important for companies like ours to make it easier for employees to donate blood and giving them a day as an incentive to be regular donors, it is part of being a good corporate citizen as far as Proton is concerned," said Mr Startari.

"There is a constant demand for blood supplies but it has become difficult to find the time to donate blood in an increasingly busy schedule for many people," said Mr Startari.

"Proton has made the decision to give our team the opportunity be a blood donor without eating into their precious down time," he added.

Thanks to initiatives such as that made by Proton Cars Australia hundreds of patients are helped each year.

This includes patients such as Red Cross Blood Service ambassador Vanessa (pictured), who received blood products during her pregnancy with her daughter Sophia, ensuring she had a safe and healthy pregnancy without complications.

As a result 18 month old Sophia is now looking forward to welcoming a new baby brother or sister later this year - again, thanks to blood donors.

Proton employs more than 25 people at its Sydney headquarters in Chipping Norton where it distributes Malaysian built Proton cars and British built Lotus sports cars through its network of more than 40 dealers nationwide.

"If a relatively small company like Proton can do this then the larger car companies and major importers could also make the effort," he said.

Proton and Lotus have both had record starts to the year with the two marques amongst the fastest growing brands in the Australian marketplace.

"I think giving our employees the chance to give blood is part of creating a work environment where people are happy and enjoy being a part of a community minded company and that in turn means people are more productive and efficient," said Mr Startari.

"That is certainly reflected in our sales growth here in Australia which has been exceptional and is really due to the efforts of our team," he added.

Proton Cars Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Proton Cars in Malaysia and has been operating in Australia since 1996 and in that time has sold more than 25,000 cars nationwide.

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