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Australia's Top Road Cyclist Does Some Hard Pedalling In A Lotus Exige S

February 13th, 2007

Australian international road cyclist Cadel Evans recently swapped his finely tuned racing bike for a lightweight supercharged Lotus Exige S in a bid to gain his Confederation of Australian Motor Sports (CAMS) racing licence.

Evans, a Lotus enthusiast who owns a Lotus Elise which he keeps at his European training base in Switzerland, used a new Lotus Exige S in preliminary training for his CAMS racing licence during a John Bowe Driving Academy day at the Sandown circuit in Melbourne just prior to jetting back to Europe to continue preparation for the upcoming cycling season.

The former World Cup Champion and Olympic mountain biker, who switched to road cycling following the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, has become one of the leading riders in the Tour De France finishing fifth for his Predictor Lotto team in 2006, becoming the first Australian to finish in the top ten of the French classic since Phil Anderson in the late 1980s.

The 30 year old also won last year's Austria Tour and Tour de Romandie as his profile and reputation in world cycling continues to climb.

Evans is keen to pursue a motor racing career when he hangs up his Lycra jersey switching from pedal power to horsepower, taking the first steps towards his motor racing competition licence at the wheel of the Lotus.

"I just like driving fast - make that driving fast and well," Evans explained.

"I got to know the late Peter Brock pretty well, he ignited my interest in racing and I vowed that I would look to get my CAMS licence when I had the chance.

"I've always had a hidden desire to one day race motor cars professionally, it is logical really, you get the speed factor and this way your legs don't hurt so much, in a car it's much easier," he added.

Evans currently spends better than six hours a day on his bike training for the world's major cycling races and covers more than 30,000 kilometres per year under pedal power, which is more than he covers in his car.

"I have a Lotus Elise in Switzerland where I am based for eight months each year and I love driving that across the mountain passes when I get the chance, which unfortunately is not often enough.

"I love the purity of design in the Lotus, its lightweight, uncompromising performance and the way it responds to the driver," said Evans.

"The guys at Lotus Cars Australia heard I was a fan of the marque and kindly arranged the loan so I could do the on track component of the course in a proper performance car and it was fantastic," he added.

"I was blown away by the drivability of the Exige S with its supercharger and I will certainly be looking at upgrading my Lotus back in Europe," he added.

Evans jetted out of Melbourne the day after completing the performance-driving course but is aiming to attempt his CAMS licence when he returns home to Australia at the end of the year.

"Hopefully I will have a Lotus when I go for the racing licence at the end of the year, I couldn't think of a better way to go racing," he added.

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