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New Suzuki SX4 Fuel Cell Vehicle Hydrogen Car - (Global)

September 19th, 2008
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Suzuki will display its latest environmental technology at next month’s Paris Motor Show with a new Suzuki Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV).

The state-of-the-art vehicle is based on the SX4 hatch, powered by a high-performance fuel cell that emits no pollutants – just water and heat.

Unlike conventional electric vehicles, which use electricity from an external source (and store it in a battery) to propel the electric motor, FCVs create their own electricity. Fuel cells onboard the vehicle creates electricity through a chemical process using hydrogen fuel and oxygen.

Hydrogen for the fuel cell is stored in a sophisticated 70 MPa tank developed by Suzuki, while a lightweight, compact capacitor captures regenerative energy under braking, which is then employed to reduce fuel cell load under acceleration.

The SX4-FCV has a fuel cell output of 80 kW and an electric motor output of 68 kW. Maximum speed is 150 km/h, with an operating range of 250 km.

Suzuki has been engaged in a research and development programme focused on fuel cell vehicles with GM since 2001.

The SX4-FCV is its fourth compact fuel cell vehicle to be evaluated on public roads.

The Japanese government has approved the use of Suzuki’s advanced SX4-FCV fuel cell vehicle on public roads after the Paris show.

The results of the real-world testing will be used in further development of the vehicle, with the ultimate aim of producing a viable fuel cell-based production model.

Overview of SX4-FCV
Fuel-cell output: 80kW
Motor output: 68kW
Fuel: High-pressure hydrogen (stored in 70MPa tank)
High-voltage battery: Capacitor
Maximum speed: 150km/h
Driving range: 250km

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