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Past Meets Present When Holden Utes Line Up

January 8th, 2008

Just months after the launch of the all new VE Ute, the owner of the earliest known Holden Ute still on Australian roads has added a new VE SS V Ute to his family’s collection.

The prized daily commute of West Australian collectors, Alan & Joe Little, is a 1951 Holden Ute (commonly known as the FX) with body number 208.

The restored ute is painted in Caspian Blue and still retains its original engine and gearbox, evidence of the ute’s workhorse heritage which won the hearts of Australians in the 1950s.

The FX was built in Sydney in November 1950 and was the first Holden Ute sold in Griffith. It remained with its original owners for 43 years, faithfully lugging vegetables and eggs on weekly visits to the Griffith market.

Now owned by the enthusiastic Holden collectors, Joe and Alan have amassed a diverse collection of utes and sedans from 1948-1956, including the Caspian Blue FX. And now the brothers have added Australia’s newest Holden Ute to their collection.

Joe Little says he takes great pleasure from keeping his FX Ute on the road as a viable working vehicle, and enjoys doing his bit to preserve Holden’s heritage.

“A lot has changed since my 1951 ute was built, but I was so impressed with the VE Ute that I ordered a Redhot SS V as a surprise Christmas present for my brother Alan,” he said.

Launched in September 2007, the VE Ute is Holden’s first completely new ute design since the VU series in 2000.

GM Holden Chairman and Managing Director Chris Gubbey said almost 60 years of history had established the Holden Ute as a true Australian icon.

"The ute's development tells the story of Australia. Today's ute is about working hard, playing hard and enjoying an active lifestyle," Mr Gubbey said.

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