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Citroen Celebrates 85 Years in Australia - (Australia)

June 6th, 2008

Citroen is celebrating 85 years in Australia, the longest continuous presence on the local market of any brand, with a range of special edition models starting with a unique version of the Citroën C4, its best selling model in Australia.

The Citroën C4 85th Anniversary features an integrated Bluetooth communications package, five-disk CD stacker, 16 inch alloy wheels and the dual zone climate control ventilation system included a driveaway price of $31,990, representing a saving of up to $4000 on the Citroën C4 HDi EGS on which it is based. Powered by a 1.6 litre 80 kW Turbo Diesel engine matched to the Citroën EGS gearbox that combines the performance and economy of manual with the convenience of an automatic. This enables the Citroën C4 HDi to offer the fuel economy of a hybrid at a fraction of the purchase cost with a combined fuel consumption figure of just 4.5 l/100 km, while on the open road it sips just 3.9 l/100 km.

Citroën’s presence in Australia is much more than retailing cars, the French car maker has played an integral roll in opening up and developing transport in Australia and it is for this reason that a Citroën is one of only two cars in National Museum of Australia in Canberra.

“Citroën’s place in the National Museum of Australia is just as well deserved as Vegemite and the Violet Crumble Bar, the other iconic names that appeared in the same year as Citroën’s Australian debut,” says Miles Williams, General Manager for Citroën in Australia. “Citroën has played a unique roll in Australian history, in opening up the country and paving the way for thousands of other cars to follow.”

Citroën claimed its place in Australia’s history when 22 year old Neville Westwood bought one of the first Citroëns to arrive in Australia, a Citroën 5CV which already had 48,000 km on the clock and used it to become the first person to complete an automotive circumnavigation of Australia.

Starting from Perth on 4 August 1925 Neville Westwood headed north, transporting the car across rivers on inflated cattle skins, filling the tyres with grass, battling weather and heat, and returning to Perth on 30 December 1925. Such a drive today – more than 18,000 km on the modern roads – is still a considerable undertaking. In 1925 it was nothing short of epic, with few roads, accurate maps and, of course, little in the way of roadside help. The Citroën completed the journey with only minor repairs and stayed with Westwood family until 2005 when the National Museum acquired it and completed a full restoration to so it could displayed at Australia’s leading Museum of the Nation’s history.

Remarkable though Neville Westwood’s journey was, it is not the only Citroën chapter in Australia’s transport history. In the year that Citroën arrived in Australia, another 5CV became the first light car to cross Australia from coast to coast, with the team of W J Phipps and J Seery crossing the continent in a 5,000 km journey in just 18 days, again another remarkable feat given the conditions and it was completed with no mechanical problems.

“The fact that we are marking the 85th Anniversary of Citroën in Australia with the C4 HDi EGS, one of the most economical cars available in Australia, is highly appropriate,” explains Miles Williams, General Manager for Citroën in Australia. “Back in 1923 Phipps and Seery completed the run from Adelaide to Freemantle at an average of 43 mpg, so then, as now, Citroën is providing Australian car buyers with highly economical cars that are ideal for Australian conditions.”

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