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Citroen Launches Diesel Luxury at Brisbane International Motor Show

January 4th, 2008

Citroen, already at the cutting edge of the diesel market in Australia with its range of diesel sedans, wagons, hatches and people movers, will add yet another diesel model at the Brisbane International Motor Show, with the launch of the Citroën C4 HDi 2.0 litre automatic, taking diesel performance into the luxury market sector.


“The arrival of this new variant of the Citroën C4 range is a clear illustration of how the diesel car market in Australia is maturing,” says Miles Williams, General Manager for Citroën in Australia. “Until now diesel sales have been primarily driven by their economy and environmental benefits and, therefore, the top sellers have been versions that optimize the price equation. However, starting with the launch of the Citroën C6, our range-topping super-luxury model, in which the majority of sales are diesel powered, we are now seeing increasing demand for the top trim and equipment variants to be diesel powered, with owners wishing to combine comfort with economy.”


Following the launch of the Citroën C4 Picasso, in which the majority of sales are for the 2.0 litre Turbo Diesel mated to the six speed automatic gearbox, Citroën have now slotted this drive train into the Citroën C4 hatch with the highest trim and equipment level to produce a compact car that blends luxury, economy, environmental performance and performance.


Powered by Citroën’s 100 kW 2.0 Turbo Diesel engine, the new Citroën C4 HDi 2.0 litre can dispatch the dash to 100 kmh in just 10.4 seconds, yet, at the same time, offer an open road fuel consumption of just 5.1 litres per 100 km. The combination of an advanced six speed automatic gearbox and 320 Nm of torque – which is lifted to 340 under acceleration with the ‘overboost’ feature – provides effortless performance across all speeds and under all conditions. The Turbo Diesel engine’s inherent economy also provides the luxury of reducing the number of fuel stops, with a range of 1000 km readily available on open road journeys.


Like the other variants in the Citroën C4 range, the new C4 HDI 2.0 shares an award-winning design that has been acclaimed as much for its good looks as its intelligent design and market sector leading safety. It shares its trim and equipment level with the Citroën C4 HDi 2.0 petrol version.


“The new diesel Citroën C4 HDi 2.0 provides a natural compliment for the existing diesel variant, the C4 HDI EGS,” says Miles Williams. “The C4 HDi EGS, which arrives in Brisbane with a two month waiting list, such is its popularity, is fully optimized to provided the best running costs.”


“It has the most efficient diesel engine and this is mated to the EGS gearbox which provides fuel economy and emissions even better than a manual gearbox, which is then blended with a trim and equipment that provides an unbeatable price equation. The new model will sit at the other end of the C4 range for owners who want to combine the unquestionable advantages of a diesel with a full featured and equipped car. It is a clear example of the market shift seen in Europe, where owners wish to own a smaller, more economical and clearer car, but at the same time not give up features, equipment and performance. The new C4 HDi 2.0 fully delivers this new ownership equation,” says Mr Williams.


Pricing and full specifications for the Citroën C4 HDi 2.0 will be announced at the Brisbane International Motor Show on 1 February 2008.


Joining the new C4 HDi on the Citroën standard at the Brisbane International Motor Show will be the latest version of the Citroën C3 and it will be no surprise to the learn that it, too is a diesel or that the Citroën C3 HDi, with its average fuel consumption of just 4.4 litres per 100 km is, quite simply the economy car against which all others must be judged.


The Citroen C3 HDi provides its environmental credentials not just with low consumption and impressive 118 g/km CO2 emissions – below the 120 g/km benchmark figure that the European Green Officials have set other car makers the target of reaching. It is also approved to run on commercially produced BioDiesel that meets the DIN standard up to a class leading 30 per cent blend.


Economy does not come at the cost of performance in the Citroen C3 HDi. With a zero to 100 time of 10.8 seconds and, where the law permits, a top speed of 180 kmh, the Citroen C3 HDi is no slouch. Nor is it a stripped economy car. It is fully equipped with safety, luxury and convenience features. Safety features include front and side air bags, ABS anti-lock brakes and a four star Euro-NCAP crash test rating. Luxury features include AirCon, electric windows, power steering, remote central locking and a quality audio system.


While the Citroen C3 HDi is the ideal city car, with zippy performance, cute good looks and a high seating position for good visibility, an open road fuel consumption of 3.7 litres per 100 km means that it is also a highly economical car capable of swallowing big distances while using small amounts of fuel and producing low emissions.


The shape of the C3 and its unique styling set it apart amongst every other car in its class. Its sweeping curves and arches make it a standout design and, thanks to its height, spacious and bright inside.


Inside the C3 has a spacious, bright and welcoming interior that is provided by its wide windows and sweeping arched roof. The dashboard, acclaimed for its unique styling that provides a marked counterpoint to the plain interiors of many small cars.


{0>Le nouveau combiné moderne, en face du conducteur, intègre les informations du limiteur et régulateur de vitesse, une zone d’affichage à cristaux liquides élargie, ainsi qu’un compte-tours très lisible.<}0{>Facing the driver, the modern instrument cluster incorporates information an easy-to-read rev counter <0with LED lights up to show that maximum engine speed has been reached.<}0{><0}



The console includes a central multifunction screen, which is carefully integrated with the controls for the radio and air conditioning system. The sweeping curves of the door trims provide an impression of solidity and are pleasant to the touch. The door panels and armrests feature the same trim insert, which contributes to the refined and comfortable style of the passenger compartment.


“As full-life and ashes-to-ashes green audits have shown clearly, a real green car is much more than just a low fuel consumption figure, just as a real economy car must have a low cost to buy as well as low running costs,” explains Miles Williams. “The C3 HDi achieves these targets with ease. To start with it has a low purchase price, almost half that of a hybrid with the same fuel economy. It is based on one of Europe’s best selling cars, not a low volume, specialist car, which means its development costs are amortised across a long and large production run, reducing the CO2 foot print of development and production. Finally its relatively simple and straight forward technology promises a long, low cost and low environmental impact life. Throw in its good looks, high equipment levels and the great driving experience and the C3 HDi is very much the ideal small car!”


The Brisbane International Motor Show marks the start of what will be a highly significant year for Citroën in its 85 year Australian market history.


The Citroën C4 HDi 2.0 will be followed later in the year by the launches of the new Citroën Berlingo, the all new Citroën C5 sedan and wagon and the expansion of Citroën’s commercial vehicle range with the arrival of the Citroën Dispatch, a medium sized van to sit above the Berlingo and the launch of the Citroën Nemo, sitting below the Berlingo.


“It looks as if 2008 will be lucky 13 for Citroën,” says Miles Williams. “Last year we set a new all-time Australian sales record for Citroën in what was our 12th successive year of sales increases. With the strength of our existing model range, a plethora of new models due to arrive in 2008 and our dealer group going from strength to strength, there can be little doubt that this year will be another record year for Citroën and Australia!”

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