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New 2009 Lexus IS Facelift - (Japan)

September 4th, 2008
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Note: Translation from Japanese

As Is changed minor, IS F part it improved LEXUS, it sold from September 3rd via the rec suspension store of entire country.

The latest IS minor change, in order that essence as an intelligent sport sedan is raised furthermore, maneuverability travelling stability, riding comfort, furthermore has enhanced silent characteristic. In addition, e.g., it expands setting to also IS250, makes all the car standard equipment, high preventive safety and vehicle maneuverability are actualized control VDIM* of vehicle motion integration of advancement.

The exterior, besides the fact that the design philosophy “L-finesse of LEXUS (l [huinesu])” the origin of idea, the front grille, front [riyabanpa], the rear combination lamp and the aluminum wheel (17 inches and 18 inches) design modification and adoption etc of the side turn lamp attaching door mirror of LED, it made furthermore impressive style, has set all the 10 colors which include new color blonde mica metallic and Say bloomer squid metallic in outside plate color.

As for the interior, the adoption enlargement to IS250 and IS350 of design modification and the [nubatsuku] pitch fabric seat of the center cluster, in addition, upper quality the interior space is produced e.g., interior color o kid Brown and [ekuriyu] < main leather seat selective time of semi aniline > it combines anew setting (in IS250/IS350 “version L” in standard and IS250/IS350 “version S” option).

Furthermore, besides the fact that electromotive tilt & the telescopic steering wheel < [otochirutoauei] [ritanmemori] to attach >, the card key was done standard setting (IS250 and IS350 which are excluded), the door mirror automatic electromotive housing function which is linked to the door lock (IS250 and IS350 which are excluded), the case where the rear cockpit is not used the rear cockpit yes falling down type headrest which guarantees rear sight more widely is adopted, convenience has improved.

As the center cluster design is modified, the center cluster and door grip & the center console adding ornament section black it has modified the latest IS F part improvement, metallic.

* VDIM: Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management

(Only Hokkaido price differs. Unit: Circle)
  Engine Drive Transmission Price *1
(Consumption including tax)
IS 250
2WD (FR) 6 Super ECT 3,990,000
AWD*2 4,360,000
  “version S” 2WD (FR) 4,140,000
“version L” 4,440,000
AWD 4,790,000
IS 350
2WD (FR) 4,870,000
  “version S” 5,020,000
“version L” 5,320,000
(Only Hokkaido price differs. Unit: Circle)
  Engine Drive Transmission Price *1
(Consumption including tax)
2WD (FR) 8-Speed SPDS 7,660,000
6 Super ECT: Super intelligent 6 fast automatic transmission
8-Speed SPDS: 8-Speed Sport Direct Shift (8 fast sport direct shifts)
As for recycling fee it is not included in *1 price
*2 AWD: All Wheel Drive

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