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Hyundai Announces Free ESP Stability Control

April 16th, 2008


Hyundai has released a market-leading retail initiative intended to ensure Australian new car buyers have access to ESP Stability Control across its range of passenger vehicles.

Until June 30, the 1.6 litre Getz SX will come with free ESP Stability Control from $14,990 driveaway, while Elantra SX from $19,990 driveaway and Tucson City SX from $24,990 driveaway will also include this feature as standard during the campaign. Having pioneered the introduction of ESP to the Light Car market in early 2006 with the introduction of its Protectz Pack option on the Getz, Hyundai has also taken the significant step of making ESP Stability Control available in all model lines from Light cars upwards.

“Local research from Monash University in Victoria confirms that ESP Stability Control can reduce the risk of a single vehicle accident where the driver is injured by as much as 68%” said Kevin McCann, Hyundai’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “Hyundai believes the fitment of ESP Stability Control will be mandated on all new cars sold in Australia, and we are therefore including this life-saving technology as a feature of our Mid-Year Sale campaign”.

ESP Stability Control, also known as ESC (Electronic Stability Control) and VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), was originally developed by Bosch in Germany, and has been acclaimed by road safety experts as the most significant contributor to reducing road trauma since seat belts were introduced. Until recently available only on luxury cars, ESP intervenes when it detects that the vehicle is not travelling on its intended course.  By manipulating the delivery of engine power and braking at each wheel, ESP Stability Control acts to restore directional stability and driver control, averting potentially life-threatening situations.

“Our own research indicates that as soon as people understand what ESP Stability Control does, they value it even more highly than ABS anti-skid brakes,” McCann added. “Hyundai’s philosophy is to bring the latest automotive technology within the reach of all customers, and our move responds to increased levels of interest and enquiry for this potentially life-saving technology”.

 ESP Stability Control offers (April 15 to June 30 2008)


Campaign Offers

Getz 1.4 S

From $13,990 Driveaway with free ABS

Getz 1.6 SX      

From $14,990 Driveaway with free ESP Stability Control  

Elantra 2.0 SX   

From $19,990 Driveaway with free ESP Stability Control


Tucson City 2.0 SX

From $24,990 Driveaway with free ESP Stability Control

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