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Driven – Smart ForTwo dci - The world’s most economical production car

December 4th, 2008

The Smart Fortwo dci will go on sale in the UK early in 2009 and has already been driven by a select number of journalists. Claimed as the most economical production car on sale anywhere in the world today the fuel miser is generating much interest.  Most people want to know how much fuel does it consume, how fast is it, and how does it cope outside the heavy traffic of a busy city?

The big question, how much does it drink?

The Smart Fortwo dci has an extremely impressive combined fuel economy of 85.6 mpg or 3.3L per 100km. So even with a modestly sized fuel tank it’ll do 670 miles (1078kms) before you have to visit another petrol station.  Considering nearly all Fortwo dci’s will spend their time in busy cities many owners will probably only stop at a petrol station once a month or only twice every three months.

What kind of power does it produce?

With this kind of fuel economy something has got to give. The tiny 3 cylinder 799cc turbo diesel engine produces a very modest 44bhp or 33kW and 81lb ft or 110Nm. Not surprisingly the 0 – 62mph (0 – 100km/h) sprint which really is a useless fact for a city car takes a leisurely 19.8 seconds.

So how does it go keeping up with other traffic?

UK based Autocar magazine have just driven it and they say it offers enough power to keep up with everyone in city driving. As for heading out onto a highway or open B-road you’re better off taking your second car or opting for one of the petrol version Fortwo’s.

Can I have one?

If you live in Western Europe or the UK than yes, head down to your local dealer and place your order. However if you live in the Nth America or Australia, don’t count your chickens that this version will arrive anytime soon. However don’t loose too much sleep, as the petrol engine Fortwo’s are already very economic and will only get better with the upcoming stop/start technology and the future hybrid version.

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