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Renault Alpine shares platform with Nissan 370Z - (Global)

July 27th, 2008
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The Alpine marque, much like Abath to Fiat, is set to display a range of new exciting models to expand the brands line-up in the upcoming years.

cartribe.co.uk have apparently spoken with the Renaultsport director to discuss the future of the Alpine marque, and any details as to early developments.

The question raised was if the new performance based vehicle will be based off the Nissan GT-R. This rumour was denied, however, hints of using the new Infiniti G37 Coupe or Nissan 370Z platform where mentioned.

This suggests a light weight, stripped down version of the 370Z may be in the works for a more track focused Alpine model, which will carry the brand as its new iconic high performance model.

It’s these new and exciting models that all enthusiasts should be looking forward to, but, with a long wait till 2010, we won’t know the exact outlook for the Alpine A370 for a little while longer.

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