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February 5th, 2007

Intelligent Design Takes Satria Neo To New Level

The Satria Neo is an all-new vehicle platform that gives Proton's most successful model a true in-house design, brought to fruition by designers and engineers from both Proton and its British subsidiary Lotus.

It has no carryover components from the previous Satria and has a strong Proton DNA.

Satria Neo's attractive, bold and engaging style was penned by the Proton in-house design team at its R&D facility in Kuala Lumpur.

The Satria Neo embraces the pronounced yet fluid lines expected in a sporty coupe and has essentially enabled designers and engineers to continue the consistent and emerging styling direction for Proton, which started with GEN.2 and was carried on with Savvy. It has given the company's cars a distinctive personality, character and presence.

"Proton needed an identity, and the path that has been chosen delivers strong styling and performance cues," said Proton Cars Australia managing director John Startari.

"This establishes originality and allows us to build greater brand presence globally," he added.

It combines sophisticated lines and contours to give the car a real European look and feel in a contemporary and stylish design.

Satria Neo's sleek side profile has been designed to provide low wind resistance for an improved drag coefficient, making it both smooth to drive and stylish.

Satria Neo's smart, stylish sleek profile boasts a drag co-efficient of just 0.35 and a front lift co-efficient of 0.01, which ensures excellent high speed tracking stability and control.

Proton designers have given Satria Neo an integrated appearance from the sleek, one-piece front bumpers incorporating a large air intake and front fog, through to the innovative turn signals and tiger eye headlights.

Similar to both the GEN.2 and Savvy, the grille of the Satria Neo carries Proton 'family' design cues, and was inspired by the Malaysian Kite or 'Wau" as well as the handle of the Malay dagger, the 'Keris'.

However, in line with Proton's design ethos the grille has evolved in appearance, size and presence with each new model reflecting a similar look but with an individual feel for each new car, and this is clearly apparent in the Satria Neo.

Designers have looked at every detail including both the wheel trims on the GX variant and the customised turbine inspired designer 16-inch alloy wheels on the GXR, which feature a symmetrical balance with a dynamic forward spinning appearance.

The fuel filler cap reflects a racing feel, giving the appearance of an alloy, dry break filler flap, adding to the performance personality of the sporty Satria Neo.

Stylish one-piece Euro lamps have an amber inner screen integrated with the turn signal reflector, a patented technological breakthrough in lamp styling and design.

The interior of the Satria Neo reflects a minimalist appearance with metallic greys and textures chosen to enhance the sporty feel, matching and complimenting the powerful exterior styling.

Sleek soft touch dials and an ultra modern gearshift ensure Satria Neo has a strong aesthetic appeal in a spacious interior, which provides ample room for all the essentials.

Stylish blue LED illumination matches the sporty luxury feel of the dash while the steering wheel is all new design with an improved larger grip diameter and contour for a more solid powerful feel.

Cabin design improvements have resulted in reduced panel gaps and a tighter fit and finish

The centre console has been designed with new elements including the sleek, modern gearshift cover, which gives a clean contemporary feel. The console features dual cup holders, a 12-volt power supply socket to recharge electronic devices, power window switches and the remote external mirror control.

Switches throughout the Satria Neo have been re-designed to give a softer, more tactile feel.

In a similar way to both the Proton GEN.2 and the Savvy the Blaupunkt customised audio system has been integrated into the dash and features the same blue LED display as the Satria Neo's instruments, to match appearance at night and in low light.

Controls for the audio system are also integrated into the steering wheel for greater safety and convenience.

The Satria Neo's high back bucket seats have been designed to deliver better lateral support in high-speed corners with high bolster support to cradle the occupants hips sides and shoulders and have been designed for maximum comfort.

Using multi-hardened foam moulding technology each part of the seat is shaped with two different types of foam to conform to the contours of the human body eliminating uncomfortable high-pressure areas. The result is seats that are firm, supportive and controlling under harsh conditions while remaining soft and cushioning for long drives.

The ultimate in support comfort and durability the front part of the cushion has also been designed to prevent submarining in the event of a crash.

A convenient tilt slide lever is strategically placed high on the outside of the front left hand seat to deliver rapid access to the rear seat area.

Opening the rear hatch reveals a parcel shelf for light items while a utility box offers a place to store small loose items in the luggage space while carrying capacity can be increased by folding down one or both of the 60/40 split fold rear seats.

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