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Mitsubishi Triton Super Select - (Australia)

July 24th, 2008
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Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited has announced the arrival of an upgrade to its popular Triton four-wheel drive utility – the addition of the Mitsubishi Super Select four-wheel drive system to diesel VR, GLX-R and GLS models.

This technologically advanced system ensures Triton’s engineering refinement and drivability is enhanced no matter what surface you are driving on or what the weather conditions are. Whether the driving environment includes tarmac, gravel, bush tracks or even a raging creek bed – in sun, rain, hail, ice or snow, the Triton’s Super Select system exceeds occupant expectations for day-to-day commuting comfort.

Similar to the system found in Mitsubishi’s highly specified passenger four-wheel drive Pajero wagon, the Super Select four-wheel drive system allows the driver to choose between four driving modes:

* 2H two-wheel drive high range is the perfect option for general commuting or highway touring in fine weather and promotes fuel economy.
* 4H full-time four-wheel drive provides added traction in inclement weather, or when the road surface becomes rough.
* 4HLC four-wheel drive high range with locked centre differential delivering power equally to all four wheels will ensure the Triton nimbly defeats most four-wheel drive tracks
* 4LLC four-wheel drive low range with locked centre differential is the answer when the going gets really tough. A rear-diff lock is available as an option.

The first three driving modes can be selected on the fly.

The Mitsubishi Super Select four-wheel drive system provides the Triton with a distinct advantage over its direct competitors who continue to offer traditional part-time four-wheel drive systems across their 4x4 utility ranges.

The inclusion of Super Select four-wheel drive systems to all diesel VR, GLX-R and GLS four-wheel drive Mitsubishi Tritons is part of an overall model year update with vehicles due to arrive between now and December 2008.

Triton’s Easy Select part time 4WD system is retained on GLX 4x4 models.

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