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Mitsubishi’s Final 380 Sedans Find Good Homes

March 27th, 2008


Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited has announced final destinations for four vehicles from the last consignment of locally produced 380 sedans, and two prominent South Australian and National charities and one museum - including the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Vision Australia and the National Motor Museum at Birdwood - will benefit from the company’s decision.

Following Mitsubishi’s decision to cease local production of the large passenger vehicle and pursue a full-line importing strategy in the Australian market, interest from media, the 200-strong Mitsubishi dealer network and the general public has been running high regarding the final destinations of the last few vehicles.

In a decision designed to echo the strong sense of citizenship and support the South Australian company has nurtured in the Australian market, Mitsubishi has announced the final four vehicles will be donated to not-for-profit organisations with profiles in both the South Australian and national Australian communities.

The company announced the bequests at a media presentation to mark the production of the final consignment of 380 sedans at the Tonsley Park site today.

Speaking at the presentation, Mitsubishi’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Robert McEniry, said the organisations had made real contributions to the lives of normal Australians.

“The Royal Flying Doctor Service is an iconic Australian institution, based in South Australia, and is responsible for saving thousands of lives throughout the country every year.

“Vision Australia is another iconic Australian organisation which brings assistance, education and care to visually impaired people and their families right across Australia.

“The National Motor Museum at Birdwood maintains an extensive array of historical vehicles for posterity, and we feel these final 380 vehicles, as representatives of the strong manufacturing heritage at Tonsley Park, have earned their place in history.

“The final Mitsubishi 380 sedan has been very keenly sought, with enquiries from all over Australia, so it was decided the only fair and equitable way to dispose of the vehicle was through our dealer auctions, to allow interested parties an opportunity to secure the vehicle. All proceeds from the auction will also be donated to charity.

“We believe these bequests, together with our five-year sponsorship of the Australian Olympic Committee, genuinely reflect the Mitsubishi family’s true sense of community and citizenship both nationally and in South Australia, and are closely aligned with our long-term commitment to the Australian market,” Mr McEniry said.

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