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MINI 50th Anniversary Models Announced for Australia

August 24th, 2009

Wednesday 26th August marks the 50th Birthday of one of the world’s most iconic automotive brands, MINI.

To celebrate this very special milestone, MINI is thrilled to announce the introduction of two exciting new models for the Australian market, the MINI 50 Mayfair and MINI 50 Camden.

“The new 50th Anniversary models are a welcome addition to the MINI portfolio here in Australia.  Not only do they celebrate a significant milestone for one of the world’s most iconic brands, they provide customers with unprecedented value,” said Justin Hocevar, National Manager MINI.

“In true MINI style, the product offering of the anniversary models is truly unique and is yet another competitive advantage we bring to the Australian market,” said Justin.

Fifty years ago to the day, the British Motor Corporation (BMC) unveiled the result of its quest to design a new and revolutionary compact car. The very first sales brochures praised the Morris Mini-Minor’s “extraordinary future promise”. Fifty years later, we know that few vehicle concepts have survived as long, or achieved such popularity. No other vehicle has ever spawned such a wide range of variants as the Mini.

The creator behind the classic Mini was automotive engineer Alec Issigonis, whose expectations of the vehicle included impeccable driving characteristics combined with superior fuel economy, which still stand today. This week, the worldwide MINI community, celebrates the evolution of the MINI family and the truly unique and iconic brand that supports it.

To mark the occasion MINI will introduce two very special anniversary models for a limited time only.

Named after distinguished boroughs of London, the MINI 50 Mayfair and MINI 50 Camden offer customers two very unique vehicles, reflective of their names.  The Mayfair, like the district, boasts sublime exclusivity, while the Camden touches on the home of a trendy and culturally versatile urban lifestyle.

The new MINI anniversary models will be available in Cooper, Cooper S and Cooper D Hatch variants and are easily recognisable and stand out from the current production models in both their design and their features.

The blend of unrivalled MINI qualities remains as popular today as ever before.  The current MINI is more advanced and at the same time, more fascinating than any of its competitors.  It also combines unparalleled efficiency, lasting value of the highest calibre, and incredibly agile handling with unrivalled sportiness and design, full of expression and quite unmistakable.

The modern drivetrain and suspension technology featured in the MINI also gives these two anniversary models truly fascinating agility in combination with exemplary fuel economy and emission management.

The MINI Cooper S 50 Mayfair and MINI Cooper S Camden are powered by the heralded 128 kW four-cylinder, twin-scroll turbocharged, direct injection engine offering truly outstanding sports performance.  Despite true sporting acceleration, the MINI Cooper S has a combined fuel consumption of just 7.0 litres/100 km and a CO2 rating of just 164 grams per kilometre.

Featuring fully variable valve control and offering engine output of 88 kW, the power unit of the MINI Cooper 50 Mayfair and the MINI Cooper 50 Camden likewise has true sporting performance. With an average fuel consumption of just 5.8 litres/100 km in the EU test cycle and a CO2 rating of 139 grams per kilometre, it sets new standards in terms of efficient motoring pleasure.

Last but certainly not least, the 80 kW four-cylinder diesel, the MINI Cooper D 50 Mayfair and the MINI Cooper D 50 Camden, combines market leading fuel economy with impressive torque and pulling power.  Currently, Australia’s most fuel efficient diesel, the MINI Cooper D sips just 3.9 litres/100 km on the combine fuel cycle and emits just 104 grams per kilometre of CO2, marking unparalleled efficiency in the premium segment.

MINI 50 Mayfair: dedicated to extravagant style

In 1982 the classic Mini offered a special Mayfair model combining supreme comfort and an extravagant look. Today the new MINI 50 Mayfair interprets this style in a new, modern way. High-quality materials, stylish details and a colour scheme offering classic elements throughout make this a very special car.

For the first time, and exclusively to this anniversary model, the MINI Hatch will be available in Hot Chocolate metallic paintwork combined with a white roof. Further colour options also include the ever popular Pepper White or Midnight Black.

The MINI 50 Mayfair comes standard with 17-inch, 12-spoke light alloy wheels in Infinite Stream Spoke Design (also available in white) that are exclusive to this particular model. In their design, the wheels follow the classic multi-spoke look, with the slightly concave spokes giving the car a striking appearance.

A new feature exclusive to the MINI 50 Mayfair are bonnet stripes finished in light-brown Toffee metallic with white pinstriping at the edges. Additional headlights mounted to the front grille, mirror caps with custom paintwork changing from brown to black, and a discrete “Mayfair” logo on the direction indicators at the side, round off the exterior design of this anniversary model.

Other standard features on the MINI 50 Mayfair include, sports seats for the driver and front passenger, sport leather steering wheel in bicolour Toffee/black, plush Leather Lounge upholstery finished in Toffee/Carbon Black and gear selector lever and handbrake surround finished with green stitching and 50th birthday badge. Xenon lights (including a headlight washer system) are available as an option on the MINI Cooper  and MINI Cooper D 50 Mayfair but are standard on the MINI Cooper S variant.

MINI 50 Camden: dynamic and progressive all in one

At first sight the MINI 50 Camden is highlighted by its technical clarity and sporting character, with Silver, White and Black dominating the exterior.  Exterior paintwork is finished in exclusive White Silver metallic with a white roof.  Alternatively the MINI 50 Camden is also available in Midnight Black metallic or Horizon Blue metallic.

The MINI 50 Camden sits on exclusive 17-inch light-alloy rims that stand out through their design and contrast between silver inner surfaces and matt polished contour lines around the rim and outer edges of the spokes.

Unique three-dimensional silver stripes on the side shoulders of the engine compartment lid, also accentuates the sporting and dynamic character of the MINI 50 Camden.

Like on the MINI 50 Mayfair, the mirror caps on the MINI 50 Camden come in twin-tone stripes merging from silver into pure white.  With xenon headlights featured as standard on the MINI Cooper S 50 Camden (optional on MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper D), the headlights themselves boast black-tinted lenses in line with the vehicles sporting character and act as a clear contrast to the rest of the exterior.

The side indicator frames house the Union Jack in black-and-white and the “Camden” model designation forming the logo together with the designation “MINI 50”, on the door entry trim.

The interior of the MINI 50 Camden is striking.  Finished in a contrast of Carbon Black and Tech White upholstery cloth/leather combination with body hugging sports seats, the combination will not disappoint. The rim on the leather steering wheel is also highlighted by a white seam .

In addition to the wide range of standard features on the MINI 50 Mayfair, the MINI 50 Camden also features the new HiFi system from Harman Kardon, with high performance digital amplifier and loudspeaker units.

The new MINI 50 Camden will also be exclusively equipped with a new generation of in-car entertainment.  Known as “Mission Control”, the system provides the driver with situation dependent information and advice in the typical MINI way.

The signals from the vehicle are used to create different dialogues related to, for example, comfort, seat belt warnings, open door as well as advice on the driving situation such as outside temperatures and car conditions i.e. remaining fuel and engine temperature.

Not only does this provide the driver with direct interaction with their car and gives MINI its own personality, it also has a functional benefit to support the driver in interpreting different information from the car. Your MINI 50 Camden will talk to you.

With the vast levels of customisation available to MINI customers, the two anniversary models also provide an unrivalled opportunity for personalisation.  With a comprehensive list of factory options available over and above the very high level of standard equipment, together with the comprehensive range of genuine MINI Accessories, the MINI 50 Mayfair and MINI 50 Camden can be built to the customer’s exact specifications.

The market release for the MINI 50 Mayfair and MINI 50 Camden is expected to commence in November this year.

MINI 50 Mayfair 

MINI Cooper 50 Mayfair


MINI Cooper D Mayfair


MINI Cooper S Mayfair


MINI 50 Camden 

MINI Cooper Camden


MINI Cooper D Camden


MINI Cooper S Camden


* Manufacturer List Price is shown and excludes dealer charges, stamp duty, statutory charges and on-road charges which are additional and vary between dealers and States/Territories. Customers are advised to contact their nearest BMW dealer for all pricing inquiries.

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