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Mazda Taiki Concept Car - (Australia)

October 10th, 2008
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The futuristic Mazda Taiki concept car made its Australian debut today at the Sydney motor show.

The Taiki is the fourth in Mazda's award-winning Nagare series of concept cars that have wowed global motor show audiences. This is Taiki's first trip to the southern hemisphere, and is the first opportunity for Australians to see Mazda's exciting future in the metal.

The Taiki concept is visually the most electrifying of the four Nagare concepts - including Nagare, Ryuga and Hakaze - to grace a Mazda motor show stand in Australia.

"The Taiki concept gives Australian show-goers a glimpse into Mazda's exciting future, especially in the areas of design and technology," said Mazda’s Managing Director Doug Dickson.

"Taiki is Mazda's commitment to making sure the sports cars of tomorrow are not only visually provocative, they will be exhilarating to drive and environmentally friendly as well."

The groundbreaking Taiki concept, with its outrider rear wheelarches and sleek, flowing design, was instrumental in Mazda winning the coveted Grand Prix Du Design award earlier this year - the world's most prestigious automotive design award. The Grand Prix Du Design applauds excellence in creativity and design over a whole year.

The Mazda Taiki continues the evolution of the Nagare design theme started with the Mazda Nagare and evolved through the Mazda Ryuga and Mazda Hakaze concept which starred at the Melbourne motor show in February.

Expressing one possible direction for a future Mazda sports car with a front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout, Mazda Taiki features enhanced aerodynamic performance, and is powered by a next-generation rotary engine that achieves a balance between Zoom-Zoom driving pleasure and environmentally-responsible performance.

"Starting with the debut of the Mazda Nagare in Los Angeles in late 2006, the process of moving from west to east around the globe towards the unveiling of the Mazda Taiki in Tokyo was a journey of personal discovery for Mazda design," said Mazda design chief Laurens van den Acker.

"Still, it does not mean that we arrived at any specific goal. On the contrary, it marks a new beginning in the ongoing evolution of Mazda design."

The Mazda Taiki's futuristic design embodies Mazda's determination to build cars that contribute to the realisation of a sustainable society.

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