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Lotus on the Race Pace - (Australia)

June 13th, 2008
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Lotus broadens Australian motorsport eligibility.

Following the new and exciting evolution of the GT Championship, series organisers range of Lotus vehicles to race within the new three-tier structure. This is to allow new and existing Lotus vehicles to enter and be highly competitive in a national category. With previous GT Championship catering solely for GT3 specification cars, the recent announcement of three-class structure is met with much enthusiasm within Lotus Cars Australia. 

In support of this, Jonathan Stretton, Sales & Marketing Manager, announced Lotus Cars Australia has secured the allocation of the first four Lotus Exige GT4 specification cars – a pure motorsport-ready Exige - in readiness for the 2009 season. Lotus is also confirming the availability of the Lotus Sport Exige Cup 260 version, a race-ready progression of the Lotus Exige S. Full details of the Australian spec Exige Cup 260 cars and the Lotus Sport Exige GT4 will be announced shortly. 

Stretton explained: “With the introduction of the new Australian GT Championship class structure Lotus has the opportunity to introduce a number of highly competitive products. We are delighted that both CAMS and the Australian GT Championship have confirmed the changes which will introduce the brand back into mainstream Australian Motorsport.

The current range of Lotus sports cars lends itself to the track environment and competition. The involvement of Lotus, alongside the introduction of the GT4 and Cup 260 variants, will add a positive dimension to the Australian GT Championship. These new cars themselves will also provide a number of options for Australian motorsport enthusiasts who want to race a Lotus at the front, from circuit racing to tarmac rallies.”

The three-class structure allows the following Lotus vehicles:

  • GT Championship: Lotus Exige GT3 (UK spec)
  • GT Production: Lotus Sport Exige GT4, Lotus Exige Cup (260 & 240), Exige S, Exige, Elise.

Currently, the Exige S is the halo performance road car for Lotus with a Performance Pack option endowing it with 179kW. The new GT Production class opens eligibility for the Exige S, along with the new Exige Cup 260 and the new Lotus Sport Exige GT4 which are, both motorsport-ready variants of the Exige S

The GT restructuring also opens eligibility for the ex-Lotus Trophy Series Exiges and Elises. Having been imported into Australia four years ago for an independently run a one-make racing championship, the cars were recovered by Lotus Cars Australia and thoroughly rebuilt.
The Elise race cars run an 89kW 1.8-litre Rover-engine with a CAMS-approved roll cage, fire extinguisher, dual battery isolator, racing harness, race suspension and brakes.

The Exige race cars are similarly race prepared, with the added performance of the 141kW 1.8-litre VVTL-i engine and aerodynamic package.

For enquiries regarding the sale of the Lotus Elise and Exige race cars, contact Tim Williams at Lotus Cars Australia on (02) 8707 2799.

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