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Honda Accord - An Economical Choice

April 7th, 2009
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Australians have traditionally turned to large cars for their power, effortless cruising, and carrying capacity.

However, the large car segment has been in decline for many years as consumers battle higher fuel prices and environmental impact. This is evident with the growing popularity of more efficient small and light cars.

Honda has solved this problem with the multi-award winning Accord V6.

The 3.5 litre V6 Honda Accord with the Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) de-activation system combines power, performance and state-of-the-art technology while rewarding its driver with outstanding fuel efficiency, akin to that of many smaller four-cylinder cars.

Independent motoring expert John Cadogan recently completed a drive from Melbourne’s CBD to Sydney’s northern suburbs on less than one tank of fuel in the Accord V6, achieving a staggering 7.22 litres per 100km, with the trip costing just $75.00*

The Euro 4-compliant Accord V6 sipped just 65.27 litres of 91RON unleaded fuel on its 905 kilometre journey.

John Cadogan was impressed with the Accord’s ability to eat up the kilometers efficiently under real-world driving conditions.

“I figured we were in front financially when I drove past Melbourne Airport,” he said. “The entire trip in the Accord V6 cost about the same as a ride in a taxi from Melbourne’s CBD to the airport, so everything after that was a bonus, financially. When you factor in the cost of a flight and the taxi at the other end driving the Accord V6 was a real hip-pocket victory, as well as quite a step up on comfort compared with a seat in economy.

“This is in every sense a real-world result. It’s what happens when you combine the right technology with conservative driving technique. I simply stuck to the speed limit, I even had the air conditioning on the whole way, and luggage for a weekend away onboard. All I did was drive gently – and when you do that it’s absolutely amazing how much of the journey was completed with the engine purring away on just three or four cylinders. Anyone could do it in this car,” Mr. Cadogan said.

The Accord V6’s fuel consumption of 7.22 litres per 100km represents a saving of 37 per cent, compared with the average Australian car^.

John Cadogan added: “If we were able to achieve that cut in fuel consumption across the board Australia’s dependency on foreign oil would fall dramatically, and the Greenhouse emissions from passenger vehicles would drop by 37 per cent – a massive reduction.”

*Fuel cost based on $1.15 per litre
^Source: Ausstats Survey of Motor Vehicle Use 2006.
Average fuel consumption of passenger vehicles 11.4L/100km.

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