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2009 Ford Focus RS, Production Model Details

December 11th, 2008
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Ford has unveiled the production version of the Focus RS not so long after the concept was revealed at the British Motor Show early this year.

The production model Focus RS comes with a 2.5L five-cylinder, turbo engine which puts out an impressive 296bhp. Your probably wondering 296bhp in a FWD car? Impressive or just silly? Given that the FWD Vauxhall VXR has 237bhp and the FWD Mazda 3 MPS has 256bhp, the Focus RS now holds number one spot for the most powerful hatchback in the world, just off the most powerful FWD car in the world which is held by the Toyota TRD Aurion at 323bhp.

All this power means that the Focus RS can sprint to 100km/hr in just 5.9seconds with a top speed of 244km/hr that is electronically limited.  Ford have fitted a limited-slip differential and also given the RS model up-rated sports tuned suspension to limit the invasion of torque steer. With this comes a reduced ride height and larger stoppers to pull up all that power.

Visually the Focus RS adds a sporty front bar re-style, hood vents, rear spoiler, rear diffuser, dual exhaust, and large 19” wheels. The driver also benefits from added Recaro seats with body-color accents, carbon fiber trim.

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