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2013 Ford Falcon is likely to be Front Wheel Drive (FWD) or All Wheel Drive (AWD) - (Australia)

August 27th, 2008

CEO and President of Ford Motor Company Alan Mulally confirmed on a recent visit to Australia that the drive architecture for future generation Falcons has not been confirmed and they are discussing FWD or AWD as a possible replacement to the current RWD platform.

Alan's visit occured one week after Ford announced the loss of 350 jobs and the shock resignation of Ford Australia's President Bill Osborne who is leaving the industry to pursue his career.

Alan Mulally joined Ford Motor Company in 2006 and since has introduced "The way forward" a restructuring plan to reverse Ford's declining profits and market share. After reviving the Ford Taurus Mr. Mulally gave Ford their first profit in two years. Ford is moving fast to become more globalised, scrapping the current schema of two separate designs "Kinetic" for the European market and the American bold look to introduce one design for the world.

The Falcon is a domestic sold vehicle and is not currently exported therefore relying on Australian sales to stay afloat, the future of the Falcon is promising but only the badge may remain the same. "There will be a great market for them.... I think there will always be a Falcon size". 

Shifting to become a more globalised company, the overall design and architecture will be considered for export to other markets where rear wheel drive is not common. Front Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive platforms will be on the menu when Ford confirms the new design which is not expected to appear before 2013.

In the Australia large car segment discounting the more expensive prestige models, Holden's Commodore and Falcon are the only remaining Rear Wheel Drive platforms, the Honda Accord, Hyundai's Grandeur, Nissan's Maxima and Toyota's Aurion are all driven through the front axle.

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