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BMW Offers 3 Series Sedan Customers Spare Peace-of-Mind

March 1st, 2009
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BMW has devised a tidy and secure solution to carrying an emergency replacement wheel in the luggage compartment of the BMW 3 Series Sedan.

All BMW 3 Series Sedans (except M3) are fitted with run flat safety tyres as standard.

These highly developed tyres are capable of covering around 250 km at up to 80 km/h with any or all of these tyres fully or partially deflated. They obviate the need to change a punctured wheel at the roadside or when the driver is within easy reach of a BMW dealer or tyre shop.

However, BMW recognises that some drivers like to have the physical security of an emergency spare wheel in the boot.

In order to accommodate the emergency spare wheel and meet the requirements of this small number of customers, BMW has devised a neat and tidy underfloor storage solution that delivers a flat loading floor for maximum utility.

The emergency spare wheel is hidden under a flip-up floor panel in the boot. For greatest visual harmony, the panel is finished in the same material as the boot lining.

A luggage securing net is set into the upper face of the floor panel to hold objects such as bags or shopping in place, while six tie-down eyelets are also available to restrain larger items.

The emergency space wheel, luggage compartment floor, luggage net and wheel brace and jack are available as a kit from all BMW dealers around Australia.

The emergency spare wheel for 320i and 323i models is a steel rim, while an alloy rim is available for all models (except M3).

The emergency space wheel is a space-saver design, which should be driven on at no more than 80 km/h. It is intended only to provide mobility as far as the nearest BMW Service point.

This emergency spare wheel should be replaced by the original wheel as soon as possible.

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