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2009 BMW BMW 3 Series Performance, Athletic Equipment - (Australia)

March 1st, 2009
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Its athletic design and its superior driving dynamics make the new BMW 3 Series an exceptional phenomenon within its segment. More than ever, the world’s most successful premium vehicle precisely meets the expectations of customers who focus their purchase decision on a sporty driving experience. With the new offers from the product line BMW Performance, the distinctive character of the new BMW 3 Series Sedan and the new BMW 3 Series Touring can now be highlighted even more strikingly. The retrofit options in the product areas of chassis, aerodynamics and interior, specifically developed for the new BMW 3 Series, form part of the BMW Genuine Accessories range. BMW Performance components transfer motor racing expertise to the road and allow the driver to express his enthusiasm for outstanding technological performance in individual style.

The BMW Performance program, first presented in May 2008 under the umbrella of the BMW 1 Series will now be extended to BMW 3 Series specific components, available from May 2009.

Aerodynamics: optimisation made to measure.

The BMW Performance Aerodynamic Kit optimises the car’s properties in terms of driving dynamics and also guaranteeing a striking visual appearance in everyday traffic. The BMW Performance Aerodynamic Kit for the new BMW 3 Series Sedan and the new BMW 3 Series Touring includes an impressive front apron with a highly expressive, integrated surround of the BMW kidney grille in black high gloss and dynamically contoured side sills.

For further aerodynamic enhancement, model-specific accessories in carbon fibre are also available. These include a BMW Performance carbon rear spoiler for the new BMW 3 Series Sedan, carbon exterior mirror caps and a BMW Performance carbon diffuser for both body versions of the new BMW 3 Series.

Chassis technology for supreme sports handling.

Development of the BMW Performance components also focused on enhanced dynamic performance. In this product area there is a choice of the BMW Performance sports brake system, the BMW Performance chassis, a BMW Performance suspension strut brace and two attractive light alloy wheels. The BMW Performance sports brake system includes especially large, vented brake discs which are perforated and have slits at the front wheels. The 6-cylinder fixed caliper brakes on the front axle are finished in bright BMW Performance yellow. They also bear the lettering “BMW Performance”. This designation also appears on the strut brace: the latter is installed in the engine compartment in order to enhance body stiffness.

The BMW Performance chassis is another newly developed feature. Due to its especially sporty suspension settings it provides improved handling and optimum performance in conjunction with a sporty driving style. And it still offers a high degree of comfort in everyday traffic. The use of the BMW Performance chassis lowers the vehicle’s suspension and therefore offers excellent road holding even during the sportiest manoeuvres. The coil springs lend a visual accentuation due to their design in sporty BMW Performance yellow. As an addition to the BMW Performance light alloy rim in double spoke design 269 already introduced, there is now another light alloy wheel available: the BMW Performance double spoke wheel 313 likewise emphasises the sporty character of the vehicle and enhances agility due to its especially low weight. Both light alloy wheels are available in 18 inch for the BMW 1 Series and 19 inch for the BMW 3 Series.

Optimised air flow

The new BMW Performance air intake system supports power-enhancing air feed in the in-line 6-cylinder petrol engines of the relevant models of the new BMW 3 Series. The filter insert and internal air routing has been modified based on the standard version. This ensures improved air flow with a reduced margin for pressure reduction. What is more, the system provides a particularly striking sound inside the vehicle. The optimised power delivery provided by the BMW Performance air intake system has a positive effect on engine efficiency, too.

Sports Interior.

Anyone wishing to enjoy his BMW with particular intensity can use BMW Performance products to create a sports car atmosphere inside the vehicle. The body-contoured BMW Performance sports seats in motor racing design provide perfect holding for the ambitious driver. They are ergonomically adapted to the shape of the body at the sides, too. In addition to their tangible seating comfort, the BMW Performance sports seats in black Alcantara also have an impressively slim and elegant design. Below the integrated headrests there are two openings decorated with ferric-grey plastic trim panels. The side airbags are also integrated in the seats. The BMW Performance sports seats are available as driver and front passenger seats for the BMW 1 Series Sports Hatch and Coupe as well as for the BMW 3 Series Sedan, BMW 3 Series Touring and BMW 3 Series Coupé.

In addition to being a visual highlight, the BMW Performance gear lever also provides support for highly dynamic gear shifting. The ergonomically optimised design of the gear shift knob in chrome and black Alcantara facilitates precise handling, while the special lever reduces shifting travel by about 25 per cent as compared to the series production version. The new BMW Performance program also includes an automatic transmission selector lever in the relevant design as well as a handbrake handle which echoes the design of the gear lever knob and the selector lever.

To complement this, the concept of an innovative multifunction sports steering has been developed for the new BMW Performance range. Due to its bordering in Alcantara and leather, this steering wheel is especially pleasant and firm to hold. In the upper section of the steering wheel rims there is an LED display which shows various items of technical information such as oil and water temperature, transverse and longitudinal acceleration, shift point and time. Various information items can be retrieved by using the multifunction switches on the steering wheel.

Another new feature of the BMW Performance program for 2009 are the dark, high-quality steel entry strips. They bear illuminated yellow BMW Performance lettering. The high-quality, sporty style of the interior can be given even greater emphasis by means of decor strips in carbon design for the central console, the instrument panel and the trim panels of the front and rear doors as well as the side rear area. The pedals in aluminium, also part of the BMW Performance program, bring the ambience of a racing car to everyday driving with their design and functionality.

All BMW Performance components are availably individually. This means that the driver of the new BMW 3 Series can add a clear performance touch with selected retrofit options in areas of his choice. What’s more, all BMW Performance products can be combined to form a harmoniously integrated overall package.

All BMW Performance components are reflective of the BMW brand in their technology and design and unreservedly fulfil the outstanding standards in terms of quality and safety. For this reason they are also subject to BMW warranty. Sales and installation are carried out exclusively BMW dealers.

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