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BMW Confirms First 3 Series Sedan with V8 M Power for Australia - (Australia)

June 20th, 2008
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BMW dealers will play Santa Claus this Christmas, presenting a very limited supply of Australia’s first ever BMW M3 Sedans to their very eager new owners.

Not only is the M3 Sedan the ultimate answer to BMW enthusiasts’ dreams but it is also the first time a V8 engine has been made available in the iconic 3 Series Sedan.

The thirty-year benchmark in the compact premium sport class, the BMW 3 Series has been a paragon of performance with straight six and four-cylinder engines up to now.

Australia’s love affair with high-performance V8 engines continues unabated, so BMW decided to import the M3 Sedan as a regular model to complement the existing and highly successful M3 Coupé and soon to be released M3 Convertible.

With 309 kW on tap and 400 Nm from the 4.0-litre Formula One-inspired V8 engine, BMW M3 Sedan customers can expect to reel in the horizon at an astonishing rate, and be entertained aurally in the process.

The unique high-revving engine has an 8,400 rpm redline, and reaches 100 km/h from rest in just 4.7 seconds, yet consumes only an average of 11.9-litres of fuel per 100 km on the European cycle.

The BMW M3 Sedan will be offered in Australia with both a conventional six-speed manual gearbox and the all new seven-speed M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic; the latest twin clutch arrangement that delivers even faster acceleration in a completely seamless manner.

The exterior of the M3 Sedan will carry over many of the unique M features seen on the M3 Coupé and Convertible models such as the aggressive front mask (albeit subtly modified), bulging bonnet with air intake grilles, mudguard gills, sport side sills, rear air diffuser and of course the trademark quad-pack exhaust pipes.

There are 18-inch light alloy M design wheels and hugely powerful brakes, capable of reigning in the M3 from its electronically limited 250 km/h top speed.

The M3 Sedan chassis carries over only one component from the standard E90 Sedan, and in all, between 70 and 80 percent of the M3 Sedan is unique when compared with the E90 Sedan range, underlining the fact that the M3 Sedan is a race-bred sportscar in road car drag.

The new V8 will also be the first M3 model of the current generation to offer seating for five, making it the most practical and fun way to enjoy M3 motoring.

BMW will announce pricing closer to the launch of the car in Australia but the M3 Sedan is expected to be priced in line with 3 Series family policy, that is, at a level slightly below that of the comparable Coupé or Convertible models.

The new E90 generation car is the first M3 four-door to be sold in Australia but the model has been exceptionally popular in other markets where it was previously available in the 1990s in its E36 generation guise.

The new BMW M3 Sedan was recently voted the sportiest car in its class by renowned German magazine ‘sport auto’, and joined five other BMW models as class champions.

The M3 family is the most successful of all M cars, with more than 180,000 examples built since 1987. Around 12,500 E36 M3 Sedans were sold.

The BMW M3 Coupé was judged Drive.com.au website’s overall car of the year in 2007 on debut, continuing a series of significant awards for the nameplate throughout its history in Australia which began with the E36 Coupé. The very first generation (E30) M3 was never officially imported to Australia.

“The arrival of the BMW M3 Sedan in Australia will make Christmas really special for an exclusive band of our enthusiastic customers this year,” said Tom Noble, General Manager Marketing at BMW Group Australia.

“The M3 Sedan is a dynamic, muscled and toned machine that sets hearts pumping.

“We have been asked for some time to bring this car in so we are delighted we are now able to deliver on the wishes of our most ardent supporters.

“The refined, engaging performance and handling, the five-seat practicality, and the unique visual appeal of the M3 are sure to make it a winner. Of course the concept of a light-weight V8 engine in the already agile and perfectly balanced 3 Series Sedan guarantees a stimulating drive each time you climb in.”

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