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The New Audi A4 – Expressive Design, Packed with Innovations, Strong Performance

April 3rd, 2008

Expressive design

The new Audi A4 is expressive, taut and dynamic in its design, confirming Audi’s leading position in this competence. Compared with the previous model, the proportions of the car have been altered to create a sportier, more grown up impression. The front overhang is shorter, the bonnet and wheelbase distinctly longer.

At 4.70 metres, the new A4 is a large sedan, with a powerful road presence. Its body illustrates the technical progress that has been made by the brand. It is significantly more rigid and safer than its predecessor, yet also distinctly lighter, thanks to intelligent weight-saving technology. With a drag coefficient of cD = 0.27, it cuts its way through the wind with ease, and its 480-litre boot is larger than that of any of its direct competitors.

On the inside, the feeling is of spaciousness and light, more in keeping with a much larger model. It embodies the traditional Audi vault-like strength, best-quality workmanship, close attention to detail and logical, intuitive controls.

Innovative technologies

The A4 driver will experience a new car that is amongst the sportiest of the midsize sedans - agile, precise and effortless to control. The differential has been moved forward in the driveline by interchanging its position with the clutch or torque converter, allowing the front axle to be repositioned 154 mm further forward – a solution that permits the axle loads to be ideally balanced. The dynamic suspension is totally new thanks to the use of numerous aluminium components, making the entire set-up exceptionally light in weight.

Two innovative technologies add even greater fascination to the driving experience. One of them is the Audi drive select control system, with which the driver can adjust the operating characteristics of the engine, automatic transmission, steering and adaptive damping to suit his or her own preferences.
The other is Audi dynamic steering, which operates with a superimposed gear system that varies the effective steering ratio according to road speed. Close to the handling limits, it acts together with the ESP to stabilise the car by slight but very rapid adjustments to the steering. In this way, the system combines sporty driving fun with a high level of safety.

More powerful, less fuel

In Australia, the new Audi A4 is being launched with three powerful engines, with a fourth arriving just one month later. Power output ranges from 105 kW to 195 kW and each engine uses the direct fuel injection principle of FSI or TDI. The four-cylinder engines are turbocharged and with their smooth running and impressive flow of power, the engines in the new A4 are a source of pure driving pleasure. They also use distinctly less fuel than the corresponding units in the previous model. Consumption is down by an average of 13% for the petrol engines and 6% for the TDI units.

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