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Volvo wagon’s low roof under threat

October 24th, 2008
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The traditional Volvo estate with the long roof and traditional low seating position could be on the way out.  Whilst the current V70 and V50 still share this classic design trait, consumers are voting with their wallets in ever increasing numbers and choosing pumped up Crossovers.

Models such as the BMW X3 and X5 have been such a massive hit that even Volvo has joined the high driving position and high riding SUV and Crossover with the XC90 and XC60.  Buyers will also be tempted by new Crossover’s such as the Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLK.

The word out of Europe is that the replacement to the V70 and V50 might be replaced with a higher roofline new design.  The advantages of such a design is that the overall length of the vehicle can be reduced as the higher the seating positon the less the legroom required.

However with the current V70 only arriving in 2007, it won’t be until 2014 that the next all new V70 arrives.  The V50, which first hit the road in 2004, is due to be replaced first, with 2011 a possibility.

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