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Toyota Cracks Down on Counterfiet Parts - (Australia)

October 1st, 2008

Toyota Australia warns that repair workshops selling and fitting counterfeit Toyota vehicle parts are putting their businesses at risk.

There is evidence of counterfeit Toyota parts being imported illegally, which can be sold locally for a fraction of Toyota's retail price.

These parts are not made to the standards of quality, reliability and durability Toyota Genuine Parts are renowned for, says Matthew Callachor, divisional manager for Toyota customer service.

"The safety of Toyota drivers and their passengers is of paramount importance to Toyota Australia, and it is not acceptable that inferior parts are being fitted to their vehicles.

"Additionally, these parts being passed off as our product compromise our good reputation and the reputation of workshops repairing Toyota vehicles across Australia," he said.

"In the current economic climate, it's understandable that business owners are looking for ways to save a dollar, and counterfeit parts can look like an attractive bargain.

"However, workshop operators take a significant business risk when they trade in counterfeit items.

"A good business reputation is built on honesty and quality, and reduced value for money does not go unnoticed by customers who may take their business elsewhere.

"Not only that, importing products that have trade mark infringements is a criminal offences and legal action can be taken when a business on-sells counterfeits parts," he said.

Toyota Australia does not endorse or authorise the importation, sale or fitment of counterfeit Toyota vehicle parts.

Counterfeit parts are not tested or manufactured to any standards approved or authorised by Toyota nor any other known regulatory body.

They are usually manufactured in unknown locations with inferior materials and no guarantee on safety, quality or usage - which is why they are offered so cheaply.

The safest way to protect business from the risks involved with counterfeit parts is to purchase Toyota Genuine Parts directly from a Toyota dealer.

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