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Proton Announces New Pricing Strategy Across The Range (Australia)

April 12th, 2010

Proton Cars Australia has announced a raft of pricing changes effective from 1 April 2010 across its vehicle range, underlining the marque's extreme value for money advantage, ahead of a year of new models and marketing initiatives.

Already the lowest priced sedan on sale in Australia, Proton's S16 G heads the value for money fleet with a recommended retail price of $11,990, a factor which has proved popular with economy car buyers around the country resulting in a four-week waiting list for some variants of the S16.

The S16 is now available in three variants, the price leading S16 G manual for $11,990, the GX manual for $12,990 and the GX automatic for $14,990.

As an added bonus the S16 GX automatic will receive additional features over manual variants including remote electric mirrors, 14" alloy wheels, front fog lights and reverse sensors.

The success of S16 has seen Proton register a 110 percent increase in its current 2010 sales compared with the same period the previous year, which followed an impressive 221 percent sales increase in December when the S16 was launched.

Proton has also announced new pricing on the Satria Neo, Persona and Gen.2.

Satria Neo G manual is now $14,990, Satria Neo GX manual is priced at $15,990 and the Satria Neo GXR manual has been reduced by $1,000 to $16,990. All the Satria Neo variants are available with automatic transmission for an extra $2,000.

Persona G manual is now $15,990 and the Persona GX manual is priced at $17,490. All Persona variants are available in automatic for an extra $2,000.
Gen.2 G manual is priced at $16,990, Gen.2 GX manual at $18,490 and the Gen.2 GXR manual has been reduced by $1,000 to $19,990. The Gen.2 GXR is equipped with leather interior, dual side SRS airbags and front fog lights over and above the GX features. All Gen.2 variants are available in automatic for an extra $2,000.

Proton's Savvy and Jumbuck models are in run out and will no longer be imported into Australia.

Proton Jumbuck GLi is priced at $14,990 making it by far the lowest cost ute or commercial vehicle on the Australian market. The Jumbuck GLSi is priced at $16,990 and adds 14" alloy wheels, power mirrors, power windows, body kit and much more.

Savvy manual hatch is priced at $13,990 (with free metallic paint on tranquillity black) and an additional $2,000 for the Savvy AMT.

According to Proton Cars Australia general manager sales and operations, Billy Falconer Proton's value for money proposition continues to build with more models and keen pricing.

"Our philosophy for Proton is to provide the best priced cars, with great handling, quality and features ensuring a compelling purchase proposition for our customers," said Billy Falconer.

"Buyers are embracing S16 because of the $11,990 price which includes 3 years warranty and 24 hours roadside assistance and as a result we now have a four week waiting list on the car," he said.

As part of its intensified marketing Proton also unveiled an all new website with a number of enhancements including improved functionality in a site that is more straightforward and easy to use.

The new website has been redesigned for search engine optimisation and ease of navigation minimising downtime and increasing page click-thrus so visitors can find the information as easily and quickly as possible.

The enhancements to the website come ahead of the biggest new model onslaught Proton has had in its 15-year history in the Australian market.

During 2010 Proton will introduce several new models and variants into the Australian market including its first people mover and a Lotus Racing Satria Neo R3.

All of the new models will have Proton's high standards of ride and handling thanks to Lotus engineering as well as the marque's proven value for money pricing.

Proton Cars Australia Price List (effective 01 April 2010)

G  $11,990
GX manual  $12,990
GX automatic  $14,990

Manual  $13,990
AMT  $14,990
GLi  $14,990
GLSi  $16,990

Satria Neo  
G manual  $14,990
G automatic  $16,990
GX manual  $15,990
GX automatic  $17,990
GXR manual  $16,990
GXR automatic  $18,990

G manual  $15,990
G automatic  $17,990
GX manual  $17,490
GX automatic  $19,490

G manual  $16,990
G automatic  $18,990
GX manual  $18,490
GX automatic  $20,490
GXR manual  $19,990
GXR automatic  $21,990


July 2010
- S16 GXR Manual 1.6L, 4 door sedan, RRP $15,990
- S16 GXR Auto 1.6L, 4 door sedan, RRP $17,990

August 2010
- Persona LE Manual 1.6L, 4 door sedan, RRP TBA
- Persona LE Auto 1.6L, 4 door sedan, RRP TBA

September 2010
- S16 LE Manual 1.6L, 4 door sedan, RRP TBA
- S16 LE Auto 1.6L, 4 door sedan, RRP TBA

November 2010
- Exora GX Manual 1.6L Turbo, 7 seater MPV, RRP TBA
- Exora GX Manual 1.6L Turbo, 7 seater MPV, RRP TBA

December 2010
- Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing, 3 Door hatch, RRP TBA

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