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New Nissan Slip-hazard Alert

October 12th, 2008
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A map informs the driver of the location of slippery points relative to the vehicle's position, and a voice alert is activated when it approaches possible slippery area. This feature helps to warn drivers in advance so they can take action to slow down safely.

Slippery area information

The latest slippery area

Map of slippery points relative to vehicle's position based on data received via its CARWINGS navigation system, probe information*3 and activation of ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) indicating slippery conditions.

Slippery points based on statistical data.

Cumulative data on winter accident points

Location of reported skid incidents from previous years.

Nissan started testing of the slip-hazard alert in November 2007 with a limited 100 test-vehicles around Sapporo city in Hokkaido, Japan. These initial tests demonstrate that the alert is effective in helping drivers become more watchful of road conditions and to drive more cautiously at lower speeds. It also showed that drivers continued to consciously drive safely even in areas where no skid incidents were recorded. The Sapporo tests were part of the ITS project*4 piloted in Kanagawa Prefecture since October 2006.

By expanding the slip-hazard alert to all CARWINGS owners at no charge from December, Nissan engineers hope to further test the service with the intention to commercialize the service in the future.

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