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Stephanie Rice Partners With Jaguar (Australia)

February 11th, 2010

Stephanie Rice OAM, one of Australia's most recognized and celebrated athletes, has partnered with Jaguar Australia in 2010. As she works towards the Commonwealth Games in October this year, Stephanie will drive in style in her black Jaguar XF, a car whichreflects her winning style and love of design.

Stephanie's success at the 2008 Beijing Olympics has elevated her to the echelon of Australia's sporting elite. A professional swimmer who trains at St Peters Western Club in Brisbane under coach Michael Bohl, Stephanie has an enviable record of success in the pool. At age 17, she broke through to international level at the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, winning two gold medals for the 200m and 400m individual medley, then in 2007, Stephanie won two bronze medals at the Melbourne World Championships. In 2008, Stephanie hit the world stage and cemented her dominance in both the individual medleys and the 4x200m freestyle relay, achieving a stunning three Olympic Gold medals, three World Records and the title of "Most outstanding female athlete at the Beijing Olympics". As the most successful Australian athlete of the 2008 Olympics, she carried the Australian flag at the closing ceremony and is one of only six Australians to ever take home three gold medals at an Olympics Games.

Stephanie has chosen as her model the Jaguar XF, a car which fuses sports car styling with the luxury of a saloon to create an all new Jaguar that is nevertheless true to the Jaguar philosophy of creating beautiful, fast cars. It is, it could be said, the quintessential Jaguar of the new era.

Says Stephanie of her new Jaguar: "I'm thrilled to be working with Jaguar in 2010, and I absolutely love my beautiful new Jaguar XF. It is high performance and beautifully designed and it makes those early mornings heading to the pool an enjoyable experience, which is no mean feat."

Adds Chris Lidis, General Manager of Jaguar Australia: "It's a winning combination. Stephanie is a young woman who is an outstanding achiever and a true inspiration. Her legendary style and success are a great marriage with Jaguar."

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