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BMW EfficientDynamics Rollout Continues with 15 New Models - (Australia)

August 21st, 2009
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As the only vehicle manufacturer to offer a comprehensive suite of technologies to reduce fuel consumption and emissions across all model series, BMW will again turn its focus to offer customers the very latest in BMW EfficientDynamics – high performance, low consumption and low emissions. 

Expanding its EfficientDynamics rollout to encompass fifteen additional models across the 1 and 3 series range, BMW continues to provide the Australian market with class leading vehicles ahead of its competitors.   

As a clear competitive advantage BMW continues to move ahead of other luxury contenders with a range of vehicles that again offer superior performance, consumption and emissions in one package.  Not only do all new 1 and 3 series models arrive with average fuel consumption well under the luxury tax threshold of 7.0 litres per 100 kilometres, it takes the number of vehicles under the benchmark to 23, with more to arrive in 2010.

“In reality, it’s not about how many vehicles we can offer below the 7-litre mark, but giving customers the opportunity to enjoy efficient motoring without sacrificing performance in whatever segment they are interested in,” said BMW Group Australia managing director Stavros Yallouridis.

“When it comes to the combination of performance and efficiency, only BMW is able to dominate so many varied segments, from the 1 Series right through to the 7 Series,” he said.

Take the new 118d Sports Hatch as an example.  It generates almost 25kW more than its closest rival, accelerates almost 2 seconds faster to 100 kilometres than its nearest competitor and matches the best fuel consumption in its class, 4.5 litres per 100 kilometres.

This is just one of many examples where BMW promises and delivers beyond its competitors. The BMW 123d Sports Hatch, Coupe and Convertible also enter the market as instant benchmarks, so too does the 320d Touring, Coupe and Convertible and 330d Coupe and Convertible models. 

The impact of BMW EfficientDynamics cannot be under estimated, it has not only played a pivotal role in continuing BMW’s strong competitive advantage over its competitors on a global basis, its success is recognised throughout a number of different platforms.

From the Dow Jones Sustainability Index lauding BMW Group as the “most sustainable car make worldwide” for fours years running, to the crowning of the BMW 118d Sports Hatch as World Green Car of the Year 2008.

And the examples don’t stop there, in Europe alone BMW’s enhancement of efficiency saved some 150 million litres of fuel (equivalent to 373,000 tonnes less carbon dioxide), over a two year period when comparing 2008 versus 2006.

Another example is BMW’s fleet contains lower emissions than any of its key competitors. For example the average CO2 emissions of newly registered BMW vehicles in Germany last year was 160 grams, compared to 176 for Audi, 189 for Mercedes-Benz and 207 for Lexus.

“BMW will continue to bring the very best in automotive excellence to the Australian market and the new BMW EfficientDynamics equipped 1 and 3 series models are just another example why BMW is the number one luxury vehicle supplier in Australia and the world”, says BMW Group Australia’s managing director Stavros Yallouridis.

BMW vehicles below 7-litres per 100 kilometres:

118d Sports Hatch man

4.5 litres/100km

119 g/km

118d Sports Hatch auto

5.4 litres/100km

144 g/km

118d Convertible man

4.9 litres/100km

129 g/km

118d Convertible auto

5.6 litres/100km

148 g/km

120d Sports Hatch man

4.8 litres/100km

128 g/km

120d Sports Hatch auto

5.4 litres/100km

144 g/km

123d Sports Hatch man

5.2 litres/100km

138 g/km

123d Sports Hatch auto

5.6 litres/100km

146 g/km

123d Coupe man

5.2 litres/100km

138 g/km

123d Coupe auto

5.6 litres/100km

148 g/km

123d Convertible man

5.4 litres/100km

144 g/km

123d Convertible auto

5.9 litres/100km

154 g/km

320d Sedan auto

5.4 litres/100km

144 g/km

320d Touring auto

5.6 litres/100km

146 g/km

320d Coupe auto

5.5 litres/100km

145 g/km

320d Convertible auto

5.8 litres/100km

153 g/km

330d Sedan auto

6.8 litres/100km

180 g/km

330d Coupe auto

6.2 litres/100km

164 g/km

330d Convertible auto

6.5 litres/100km

170 g/km

520d Sedan auto

5.6 litres/100km

149 g/km

530d Sedan auto

6.6 litres/100km

176 g/km

X3 xDrive20d auto

6.7 litres/100km

178 g/km

730d Sedan auto

6.8 litres/100km

180 g/km

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