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Casey Stoner Bad Role Model for Young People - (Australia)

August 29th, 2008

Casey Stoner has been accused of being a bad role model for young people. These accusations come after a sponsorship deal between the Ducati team and tobacco giant Marlboro. Anti-tobacco organizations are labeling Stoner as the Marlboro Man.

Stoner's response to the anti-smoking organizations has been "while he understood their views and agreed that children should not smoke, he did not believe Philip Morris's sponsorship of Ducati was aimed at young people".

Stoner is the perfect example of a young achiever winning his first Australian title at the age of 6 and his first MotoGp at the age of 22.

Anti-smoking groups are urging the Ducati Team and Casey Stoner personally to drop the sponsorship deal with Phillip Morris, "At the same time I firmly believe that every adult human being should retain the right to make his or her own decisions in life, whether correct or not," he said.

Tobacco advertising and sponsorship is prohibited in Australia however the Marlboro logo on Stoner's uniform is continually viewed in the media.

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