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New Suzuki Wins its First COTY Award

January 7th, 2009
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The newest member of the Suzuki Australia family – the Alto – has already started collecting accolades with its A-Star sibling winning Zig Wheels Car of the Year.

India’s leading motoring website gave its coveted award to the A-Star, which will go on sale in Australia later this year named the Alto.

Chief judge Adil Jal Darukhanawala praised the A-Star for staying true to the Suzuki mantra of providing very well designed and built small cars which are frugal, simple, reliable and efficient.

“The basic monocoque is tuned for Europe with not just dynamics in mind but also crash worthiness and refinement absolutely in focus.

“A sub-frame mounted front engine-suspension package is one key element to its fine dynamics with great ride quality being one of the most apparent aspects which many users are benefiting from.”

The judges were even more enthusiastic about the car’s new 1.0-litre engine.

“The drivetrain is an area which is truly modern and up-to-the-minute, with innovative thought making the three-cylinder 998cc 16-valve unit a big-hearted performer.

“Ample friction busting processes have been incorporated all across the engine, from the top end valve actuation to the nut less con rods while zeal to shed weight in the reciprocating masses has brought its own benefits.

“The car doesn't break any new ground in absolute power and torque, but in its actual delivery in terms of acceleration from standstill, in-gear driveability and top speed it is the proverbial David with the wherewithal to massacre many Goliaths.”

“Overall fuel efficiency is well catered for, with the A-Star one of the most environmentally friendly cars on this planet with an exceedingly low 103g/km CO2 emission rating.

“The loveable interior is another aspect which is a step forward. The sporty three-spoke steering wheel is nicely crafted and just right for the size of car, while the attention to detail and turnout is of a very high order.

“It truly is A-Star treatment for a small hatch buyer with big dreams.”

The Suzuki Alto will go on sale in Australia later this year.

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