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Fiat's Entire Range in the Top Five Greenest Cars in Australia - (Australia)

August 4th, 2008

Fiat has become the first car maker in Australia to have its entire range represented in the top five greenest cars available in Australia, with the Fiat 500 offering Australia’s best fuel economy in one version and the second highest green rating in another version, the Fiat Punto in third spot and the Fiat Ritmo rounding out the top five ‘Top Performers’ in the Australian Government’s Green Vehicle Guide with its newly launched Fiat Ritmo Dynamic 1.4.

Fiat’s performance in the Australian Green Vehicle Guide is a reflection of its performance in Europe, where for the second year running Fiat has in the number one performer in having the lowest range average for carbon dioxide emissions across its range based on total sales.

“Fiat’s belief is that to make a real impact on Carbon Dioxide emissions, every model in the range has to be pulling its weight and making a real contribution,” says Andrei Zaitzev, General Manager for Fiat in Australia. “It is simply not good enough to have one model in the range that has good emissions and fuel economy covering for other poorly performing models. This is why at Fiat we have choice of the benchmark JTD-Multijet diesels and the remarkable, compact Fire and T-Jet petrol engines in all our cars, so which ever Fiat a customer chooses, whether its petrol or diesel, they will be driving a car that makes the best possible contribution to cutting carbon dioxide emissions.”

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