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Quality Rankings Underline Outstanding BMW Reliability

January 21st, 2008


The latest independent quality rankings have reinforced BMW’s reputation for premium-level quality.

The prestigious “Yellow Angel” award presented to BMW this month by the German automobile association ADAC for best performance in the “Quality” category is the latest example of the outstanding performance of every member of the BMW and MINI family.

Voted the most reliable car on Germany’s roads by the largest automobile association in the world, the BMW X3 picked up the prestigious “Yellow Angel 2008” award.

With the BMW 1 Series in third and MINI in fourth place, three of the top four performers in this quality ranking are from the BMW Group.

The award winner is selected by means of the annual breakdown statistics compiled by the German automobile association ADAC and the results of a customer satisfaction study carried out by “ADAC-Motorwelt”, the association’s official publication.

According to the association’s breakdown statistics, both BMW and MINI models of any kind are extremely unlikely to experience a technical breakdown.

The automobile association’s technicians, who help out at accidents and breakdowns, commonly referred to as “Yellow Angels”, did not have much work with BMW X3 models.

The automobile association’s expert Thomas Kroher’s commented on the excellent performance: “Little more than one failure per 1,000 registered models is a result that is hard to beat”.

This year’s award winner also received top marks in many other categories. With its superior agility and exemplary efficiency, the BMW X3 is the leading performer in its segment and in many categories. A total of 22,197 BMW X3 models registered in 2007 ensured that the BMW X3 was rated as the best-selling car in its segment yet again. The compact Sports Activity Vehicle has been awarded many times over for its excellent dynamic driving performance and the “Yellow Angel” award is another milestone in this model’s history of success.

The results of the German automobile association’s quality ranking are based on the analysis of the association’s breakdown statistics compiled from about 400,000 call-outs per year and a diversified customer satisfaction study conducted by “ADAC Motorwelt”, the association’s customer magazine. The study refers to series that have not undergone any major changes in three consecutive years and achieved an annual sales volume of more than 10,000 units in the German market. The ranking list is compiled from the number of breakdowns per 1,000 cars and listed according to model year. The compilation shows that cars made by BMW Group are among the most reliable vehicles of their category not only in the year of their initial registration but also in the following years.

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