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Honda on Track to Achieving 2010 CO2 Reduction Targets

April 8th, 2009
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Leading the industry on sustainability, Honda is on track to achieving its global CO2 reduction targets by 2010.

Honda has been striving towards a 10 per cent global reduction in CO2 emissions across its entire range of products – automotive, motorcycle and power equipment – while reduction targets for the production phase are set at 10 per cent for automotive and 20 per cent for motorcycle and power equipment.

Honda developed its targets using a specialised Life Cycle Assessment system which revealed that the vast majority of its CO2 emissions are generated by the operation of its vehicles. Only a small percentage occurrs during the manufacturing process.

Honda Australia’s Senior Director, Mr. Lindsay Smalley says Honda is making solid progress. “We have reduced emissions produced from automobiles by 6 per cent since 2000 and achieved a 7.2 per cent reduction per unit during production.

“A remarkable 41 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions has been achieved during production of motorcycles and a 9.7 per cent reduction for power products.

“Honda is investing time, money and resources to better understand our impact on the environment,” Mr. Smalley said.

Working towards reducing product emissions, Honda is improving efficiency by researching sustainable fuel alternatives. Other major initiatives in relation to product development include exhaust emissions, fuel efficiency improvements, noise reduction and enhanced recyclability.

In addition, Honda is introducing ‘green’ alternatives in its factories, dealerships and offices around the world as well as making logistics and purchasing processes more sustainable.
A major emphasis is also being placed on product recycling with initiatives including the recovery, recycling and re-use of parts and the proper disposal and recycling of end-of-life products.

Honda is aware of its responsibility to the environment and the impact generated by its corporate activities and use of its products and is committed to minimising it.

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