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Volvo Announces Greenline Initiative

November 19th, 2008
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To help keep Volvo servicing as environmentally friendly as possible, the Swedish vehicle manufacturer has introduced its Greenline range of renewed vehicle components which are procured by recycling components from scrapped Volvos.

This latest green initiative reinforces Volvo’s Exchangeparts system, where used components such as engines, gearboxes and axles are collected from dealers and remanufactured to the same exacting standards as those leaving the production line.

Components selected for the Greenline renewed parts programme follow the same rigorous quality control and inspection checks as new ones – they are returned to “as new” condition and are backed by the same 12-month warranty found on all new Volvo components.  However, Greenline components are more ecologically and economically produced and offered at more advantageous prices to new, off-the shelf Volvo components.

One of the largest components in the Greenline range is the subframe for the original Volvo S80. This aluminium structure weighs in at 20kgs. The process to restore it to original condition saves both raw materials and energy and begins with the assembly being taken apart, blasted, meticulously checked for cracks and other damage before it's dipped in a cleansing hot liquid bath. The old bushings are removed and the subframe reassembled with new components throughout. There is also on average a 20 to 30 percent saving on the cost of a new component.

Volvo currently produces 400 ‘Green’ subframes a year. The energy to produce 400 new ones would heat 17 Nordic houses for a year, while remanufacturing them saves 54 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Other parts refurbished in the Greenline renewed parts range include propshafts, throttle assemblies, various brackets, spring/struts and chassis members.  More components will be added to the range as and when they become available.

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