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Hyundai to Promote Asian Regional Environmental Standard

November 3rd, 2008
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Hyundai Motor Company, South Korea’s largest automaker, is joining hands with Korean, Japanese and Chinese car industries and authorities to promote the creation of Asian regional environmental standards. It is the first time Asian countries have gathered to respond to auto-related environmental issues with one voice.

The first Asia Automotive Environmental Forum (AAEF) is being held in Seoul, South Korea. Over 150 government officials, academics and industry experts attended the forum, which is being co-hosted by Hyundai Motor Company, the Korea Society for Life Cycle Assessment and the Korean Institute of Resources Recycling.

Under the slogan “Drive for Green Harmony,” participants at the forum shared information and exchanged ideas to form a consensus on how to jointly implement a regional response to global environmental challenges. The participants also discussed ways to create regional environmental standards and a regional regulatory framework which would eliminate redundancy and increase efficiency.

“This forum will serve as a stepping stone for Asian nations to cooperate on environment policies,’’ Dr. Hyun-Soon Lee, president of Hyundai Motor Company’s Corporate Research and Development Division, said during the opening speech. “The competitiveness of Asian automakers will be enhanced.”

Participants included officials from the environment ministries of Korea and China, and Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, as well as from the automotive associations of each country. On the corporate level, automakers such as China’s Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation and Japan’s Toyota and Nissan participated.

Government and corporate officials will reflect on the results of the first AAEF in their future decision-making. One of AAEF’s objectives is to give Asian automakers a greater voice in the shaping of global environmental policies and technologies.

The second forum is scheduled to take place next year in Tokyo, while the third is scheduled the year after in Shanghai. Participants hope to expand the forum to include more Asian nations in the future, to create a leading standard for environmentally-friendly technologies.

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