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Bosch Helps Motorists Avoid Engine Idling Fines - (Global)

September 19th, 2008

It emerged recently that motorists leaving engines idling in traffic could be subject to on-the-spot fines under plans being considered by local councils that aim to reduce pollution in urban areas.

For many drivers, this will mean switching the ignition off and then on again once the traffic starts moving. For those motorists considering a new car purchase, Bosch developed a start/stop system that  switches the engine off automatically when shifted into neutral at a standstill and then starts again immediately when the clutch is depressed, providing a quick and reliable start in a fraction of a second.

Bosch has worked with several manufacturers to introduce start/stop on production models – it is now standard equipment on manual transmission, four-cylinder engines BMW 1-Series (reigning World Green Car of the Year) and 3-Series models and majority of the MINI range.

In a climate of increasing fuel prices and stricter emission laws, the Bosch system reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide output.

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