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Review: Vespa GTV Classic Scooter

July 10th, 2010
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A truly great example of a new born classic, the Vespa GTV 250 Classic creates a sense of De ja vue. It pays tribute to the original Vespa Scooter.

 Fitted with modern components, a first-rate colour scheme it not only brings back memories, it relives them.

The windscreen is merely for looks, the cooling fan is a tad loud and the small diameter tyres aren’t that great for soaking up the bumps. Heavier than most scooters.

Vespa Classic

The Vespa GTV 250 Classic pays homage to the classic Vespa’s our parents used to ride or for those that show their age it was possibly their first motorised two wheeler. Vespa has truly captured the unique look of the historical model and recreated the perfect retro Scooter that would appeal to anyone. It sports a brown leather unique two-piece saddle, hints of chrome and rear detractable foot pegs.

What could have sealed the deal for me would have been some classy looking chrome wheels. The Vespa Classic won't appeal to all types of people; its more of a fashion accessory.

Big things do come in small packages – the Vespa GTV 250 Classic has a large electric luggage compartment release to fit a helmet as well as some small items. The nice leather seat can be protected from the sun and rain with a pull-out cover. It also is fitted with a chrome luggage rack on the rear perfect for the spare helmet or laptop bag.

Vespa Classic

The Vespa is also fitted with alloy wheels, in my opinion they don’t suit the look of the bike but they do the job. Could do with a better kick stand, and some may find it difficult to use the center stand due to the bikes weight.

The Vespa GTV 250 Classic performs supreme, it has enough torque off the line for an 85kg rider to get ahead of traffic and stay there. The 250cc is fuel injected, four stroke, liquid cooled with 16.2 kW and 20.2 Nm of torque. The electric start fires first time and the CVT transmission is ultra smooth and moderately responsive.

Vespa Classic

In the heat the engine’s cooling fan is a tad loud, however overall it’s the best engine for this type of Scooter. No down end torque, but this is expected from a scooter.

The Vespa’s riding position is second to none, with a high seating position the bike provides excellent visibility and the high mounted retro side mirrors provide good rear vision. This Scooter is quite unique in that is has a seperate saddle for a pilloin.  It handles like any other modern Vespa which is far superior to the original in which it’s based on. You can ride with confidence, the suspension and steering feedback is a perfect match for this engine and it does like to corner.

The small diameter wheels are a good look but not so good at soaking up the bumps, if it’s safe to do so try and avoid pot-holes and any serious undulations in the road. Becomes twitchy at higher speeds, the jump from 80km/hr to 100km/hr is quite noticeable.


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