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2009 Melkus RS2000 Finalised

March 25th, 2009
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A follow-up model to the legendary MELKUS RS1000 had always been the dream of Heinz Melkus. Now, Peter and Sepp Melkus, son and grandson of the well known race engineer and driver, are making this dream a reality.
The elegant sports car will take shape in Dresden at the MELKUS Sportwagen KG workshop, alongside the currently hand-built small series production. It will be carried out in a similar fashion to the current task of replicating the MELKUS RS1000 in a limited edition.
Up to 25 cars per year are expected to be produced in the MELKUS workshop.
The development of the prototype will be getting off the ground in January of 2007. The prototype should be ready for public unveiling by spring of 2008.

The Design Concept

The special challenge for the design was a matter of maintaining and perfecting the extraordinary luxury of the RS1000.
When deciding what to change, it was out of the question to touch the breath-taking curves and shapes of the RS1000. It was more a matter of warily perfecting it’s unique form. We are transforming the clarity of the surface and form to fit a new era of sports cars. It is a new interpretation of the classic form, without it becoming a retro design.
We are smoothing out the surfaces, tightening the contours and curves, and giving the shape much more emotion. Through much greater design freedom, the proportions are much more powerful and sporty.
Typical points of recognition from the RS1000 were put in place and by modernizing specific details such as lights, wheels, and interior, a one-of-a-kind design has being created.
The RS2000 has been well thought out, avoiding any gaudiness or over-agressiveness. The RS2000 has a unique style grounded by the history of the car. It is a homage.

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